Ki zocks atari-game better than man

Developer of Openai and Ober have presented their KI system called Go-Explore in the "Nature" journal, the Atari game classist such as Pitfall or Montezuma’s Revenge better than man dominated. Previous KI systems have been difficult with the appropriate type of play, as they lacked a clear indication of the evaluation of a randomly executed train in the procedures of "Reinforcement Learning" they used. Go-Explore does not explore the way through the games levels after the pure random principle, but checks whether the procedure has guided really close to the destination.

At the Atari classic Montezuma’s Revenge, the Ki succeeded in beating the existing world record, with pitfalls overrise their performance at least that of an average player. The researchers speak of a breakthrough and ame that the involvement of human prior knowledge (Domain Knowledge) could provide, for example, in the field of robotics for progress. The authors have also made Go-Explore accessible via Github.

70 years old dream

Ki zocks atari-game better than man

Prof. Jan Peters of the TU Darmstadt sees a change in time in the KI, if GO-Explores should be achievable.

Jan Peters, Professor for intelligent autonomous systems at the TU Darmstadt, looks different: "If we have good simulators and can clearly define problem as well as situation, a problem in robotics is usually easy to relax." he explains opposite the Science Media Center.

Nationwide control of highway control systems

In Dresden’s previous tunnel exercise, there is currently one of two switching centers nationwide for the "intelligent highway". From the beginning of the next year, a nationwide electronic control system on Germany’s highways for fewer traffic jams and more security should provide.

Objective: Better coordination

Unlike so far, the control systems on highways should no longer be controlled by each federal state individually. In the past, it was often the fact that motorists were sent directly into a traffic jam, which was behind a national border. This should be better coordinated better. Together with a central office (Network Operation Center) in Frankfurt am Main, 189 highway champion companies and approximately 40 traffic control centers and non-busts are networked digitally.

The goal is a nationwide traffic control, which is routed from two locations. In Dresden, 34 employees are copyrighted, in Frankfurt am Main 12 professionals. Dresden had prevailed in a nationwide competition against numerous competitors. Saxony’s head of government Michael Kretschmer (CDU) spoke of a long preliminary work, Saxony was in the top of the subject of digitization.

Google: appeal against prohibition of cooperation with health ministry

The US Group Google defends itself in Germany against the premier prohibition of cooperation with the Federal Government with an online health portal. The Higher Regional Court of Munchen confirmed on Tuesday on request of the DPA that Google had appealed against a corresponding judgment.

Media Hauser looked like a disadvantage

The Internet company shared with the DPA, one is still in the exam, whether and which legal maws you want to take in the course of the fragment procedure. "For this reason, we have initiated steps, which give us a coarse temporal scope for such a decision."

Core of the dispute: For Google searches for diseases or complaints, an info box of the portal was healthy at the prominent, which is responsible by the Ministry of Health under Resort Chef Jens Spahn (CDU). Media Hauser fired disadvantages because they also operate health portals on the Internet. The Group Hubert Burda Media had a subsidiary, the health portal NetDoctor.DE, succeeded in front of the district court Munchen.

Facebook news starts in germany - cooperation with publishers

Facebook increases in the news business, at least the social network cooperates with numerous publishers and offers their contents in a separate feed. Facebook news should be one "Dedicated place for journalistic content" will. In May we start in Germany, in the US and Great Britain the service is already running, more Landers should follow.

To the publishers who provide their contents to the social network, the time, the mirror, Funke Media Group, Gruner + Year, the Handelsblatt Group, numerous regional media partners, Conde Nast, Sport1 and also heise media. According to Facebook, there are more than 100 media brands overall.

Curated and personalized news

The links shown on Facebook News drove directly to the publishers. For users the content is curated and personalized. "Additionally to the most important headlines and stories of the day receive readers proposed on their personal interests, based on the news they read, share and subscribe", it is called in the blog post. The aim is to support publishers and editors to attract new readers and expand their business model in the long term.

Nearly 500.000 vehicles: tesla sets up new delivery record

The electric car manufacturer Tesla communicated to Twitter, in 2020 a total of 499.550 vehicles sold to have. Thus, despite the effects of corona on production, the company remained just under its own target of 500.000 vehicles.

Previous record exercised

Elon Musk had called his employees again shortly before the end of the year to the final spurt. Obviously with success: in the last quarter of the year 2020, the manufacturer according to own information with a paragraph of 180.570 vehicles the previous record value of almost 140.000 From the third quarter again clearly surpassed.

Musk looked really satisfied on Twitter and spoke of a "significant milestone."In the first time of the company, he himself had hardly a survival opportunity of 10 percent.

Asrock deskmini x300: extractive ryzen combi processor in the mini pc

With the DESKMINI X300 ASRock sets a customized version of the Deskmini A300. This is different from the naming additional chip that initializes the Combined Combined Processor: The X300 unlike the A300 translates translate overclocking functions in the UEFI BIOS and in AMDs Ryzen Master Tool.

When using a Ryzen 2000g, Athlon 3000g (Raven Ridge), Ryzen 3000g (Picasso) or Ryzen 4000g (Renoir) with the CPU-Fang AM4, users can overclock the CPU cores and the integrated VEGA graphics unit. In addition, ASRocks Deskmini X300 envelopes efficiency with undervoltation. At the DESKMINI A300, only the RAM tact and timings is adjustable – nothing is done on the CPU and GPU clock frequencies.

Asrock Deskmini X300

Asrock deskmini x300: extractive ryzen combi processor in the mini pc

No real chipset

The X300 does not produce a real chipset like the A300. All I / O connections come from the combination processor and are identical between the two deskmini models: three times USB 3.2 Gen 1 (5 GBit / S, Fruhe USB 3.0), including a type C port with charging function, once usb 2.0, Gigabit Ethernet, HDMI 2.0, Displayport 1.4, D-Sub, audio latches and DC connection for the external 120 watt power supply. Internally, users can use two PCI Express SSDs in the form of M.2-cartche, two SATA-6G data carrier (2.5 inches) and two DDR4 SO-DIMMs install.

Process against early audi boss stadler starts in autumn

The district court of Munchen has approved the charge against the Fruheren Audi boss Rupert Stadler due to fraud in the exhaust fighters. The process against Stadler and three co-defendants should be on 30. September 2020 start how the court announced on Monday.

Stadler denies co-seek

The prosecutor is throwing you "Fraud, indirect misconception and punishable advertising" before. Stadler had spated at the end of September 2015 from exhaust gas fraud at Audi diesel engines, but not prevents the sale of the cars, the reproach against him is. Stadler has always disputed a co-research or even participation in manipulation. After years of investigation, the prosecutor’s office had submitted an approximately 400 pages of an indication of 7000 pages at the end of July 2019.

Stadler was Audi boss from 2007 to 2018. Due to darkening danger, he had been arrested in June 2018 and had sitting in august for four months in Augsburg. He has always denied a co-research or even participation in the fraud. The three managers and engineers defended together with Stadler should have developed diesel engines with an illegal exhaust aftertreatment at Audi from 2008. For this, the – not forbidden – test detection was used in order to manipulate exhaust values. On the track Kamdie’s investigator Volkswagen, because the exhaust gas values determined on the prudent on the strain under no circumstances.

Apple instead of intel chips: adobe sees 'smooth changeover' at mac'reibungslose umstellung' beim mac'reibungslose umstellung' beim mac

Adobe has drawn an intermediate fitting to Apple’s youngest processor architecture change at the Mac. Due to the growing number of functions in Photoshop, the new compile for Macs with Apple’s arm-based processors at the beginning "slightly in-depth" have been a Photoshop product manager now. "Fortunately" But be the Intel version of image editing by Apple’s translation layer Rosetta from the beginning "Reliable and fast" run on the new M1 macs, so you could gradually dedicate yourself to the episode and optimization.

Photoshop on M1 Macs 50 percent faster

Especially Apple’s developer tools for one "Seamless change" taken care of how Mark Dahm, Principal Product Manager for Photoshop, in the interview with Computerworld clarified. You have to focus on fixing the problems in your own code instead of "Pengal tools" might.

About four months after the launch of the first MACs with Apple chip, Adobe has published a native version of Photoshop last week after a long betaphase. These run on MacBooks with M1-chip by around 50 percent faster than on a comparably configured process model, as Mark Dahm, Principal Product Manager for Photoshop, opposed opposite Computerworld. You have in close cooperation with Apple "specialized optimizations" Implementing can be implemented to reach the performance jump and will continue fine tuning, so Dahm.

Ebay builders gets no bmw for 1 euro

An eBay user wanted to auction on the platform his used BMW, but provided him inadvertently for 1 Euro to buy the immediate purchase. The prospect that closed now does not get the car or the seller compensation for a comparable vehicle in high 13.000 Euro, the Higher Regional Court decided Frankfurt am Main (AZ. 6 U 155/19).

"Offers a prospective customer with an eBay offer with the note: ‘price 1 €’ actually 1 euro, this does not lead to an effective purchase agreement if it is apparent to provide a mistake and, in fact, not an immediate purchase offer should be delivered, but auction was wanted", it is called in a message of the Higher Regional Court .

The defendant had on Ebay a BMW 318D at 172 in April 2011.000 km on the speedometer offered. The provider wrote among other things: "Price: € 1,00" as: "Vehicle must still have auction end within three days – picked up by the highest bidding and paid on the spot, instant purchasing offers are welcome." The plaintiff offered a euro and received the automated surcharge. The defendant finished the auction and pointed out the pleading that the price specified was meant as starting and not as an interest purchase price.

Trucks can now go to overhead lines through the murgtal

Trucks with electricity brackets can now be pulled by the Murg Valley at Rastatt on Oberlitungen driving current. There, the Baden-Wurttemberg International Minister of Transport Winfried Hermann and the Parliamentary State Secretary in the Federal Environment Ministry Rita Schwarzeluh-Sutter inaugurated about 18 kilometers long pilot route on the B 462. The test should last three years and is scientifically accompanied under the direction of the Fraunhofer Institute for System and Innovation Research.

"It’s natural to make more traffic on the rail – also a challenge that stabs some places to your limits", Said black log snorm loud message. "We therefore need both: expansion of the rail and climate-friendly solutions for the strain."

In the EwayBW project, the operation of overhead hybrid trucks should be tested for real estate close to expand previous findings. It is mainly about examining aspects of energy supply as well as impact on larm, air pollutants and strain planning.