New magazine: our site with special to smarter lighting'URL'] mit special zu smarter beleuchtung

The first Our Site Special is here. We have compiled the best guidebooks, tests and background from our site and heise + on Smart Lighting as a 148-page compendium for them.

Lighting is the optimal entry into the smart home. Because with a few steps you can replace existing bulbs through smart alternatives. In addition, the investment is ideally overlooked: Some systems are complete without additional tax center. They can be expanded almost arbitrarily and combine with other smart home components.

Our Site Special – Smart Lighting

New magazine: our site with special to smarter lighting'URL'] mit special zu smarter beleuchtung

The new Our Site Special is the topic of smart lighting in focus. We tell you what opportunities Smart’s light offers and how to find the right LED lamp. In several comparison tests, we introduce you to lighting systems and LED lamps for the gears E14 and E27 catches. Also for smart light in the garden and on the terrace, the special delivers all upcoming information.

Bnd should be up to 50 percent of all networks worldwide

Federal Assessment Service (BND) should continue to raise and evaluate personal data in coarse style with technical means of personal data from foreign countries abroad. However, this suspicion-independent strategic telecommunications list is clossed for new specifications and controlled strictly. Global and flat rate should the BND not spy on.

This is apparent from a draft speaker of the Federal Chancellery to the amendment to the BND law, network policy.Oil has published. Thus, the most important powers of the foreign secure service are to be adapted in particular to the requirements of the judgment of the Federal Results Court of May.

The mass monitoring abroad "Current findings in real time" and is therefore indispensable, says the Chancellery. It should continue to be permissible only on the basis of selectors, such as connection identifiers, signatures of transmissions, geographic areas, content search terms or a telecommunications network of a closed user group.

Programming language: the python-3.5-arm is off

The Python insider blog has the end of the support of Python 3.5 reported. Python developers should switch to the youngest version possible, which is currently in the stable variant 3.8 is. This was allowed to change very soon, as the Roadmap today’s 5. October as a release date of Python 3.9 provides for.

Python 3.5 was published for five years ago in September 2015 and, among other things, introduced the @operator for Matrix multiplications and a general unpacking syntax for container types. The planned support end was allowed to provide developers less problems than the final for Python 2.X at the turn of the year. Finally, the Python-3.X-Releases RuckwartsCompatible.

blue … no … yellow!

The recent release 3.8 In October 2019, brought Assignment Expressions and a C-API to configure initialization. Python 3.9 is in the beta phase since May and, among other things, has the possibility to connect two dictionaries to the Union operator and remove duplicate elements.

Panasonic l-mount: 70-300-millimeter zoom for full format cameras

With the Lumix S 70-300mm F4.5-5.6 Macro O.I.S. Panasonic takes a lens for the mirrorless system cameras of the Lumix S family to the program. It is guided to the class of rather price-conscious telecom lenses that are suitable for natural photography as well as for near and action recordings.

Panasonic l-mount: 70-300-millimeter zoom for full format cameras

The 70-300 mm telephoto objective on a Panasonic Lumix S5, the entry-level family model.

The manufacturer has trimmed it particularly to compact mabe and a low weight. In fact, with 790 grams, it remains a bit lighter than the pendant of Sony for E-Mount – after all, the Fe brings 70-300mm F4.5-5.6 g OSS something about 850 grams on the scales. To save weight, Panasonic has waived asharic lens elements, among other things,. The manufacturer wants to meet chromatic aberrations with a special combination of concave and convex lenses.

Action camera gopro becomes the webcam

The US camera manufacturer Gopro builds the functions of his action cameras: Users can use their GoPro in conjunction with a desktop computer as a webcam for videoconferencing and live streaming.

The coarse image angle and the possibility of positioning the gopro flexibly, it should allow videoconferencing away from the desk, so the manufacturer.

Mac version as beta, Windows support in work

For the time being, this only works in interaction with a Mac: The GoPro Webcam Beta is in a first pre-release for MacOS, a Windows version is still in development. Also on the GoPro camera, a beta firmware must be installed to get the new webcam function, here is only the HERO 8 black is supported so far. "Possible future models" should also serve as a webcam. After the update, the camera must be connected to the Mac via USB and then serves as 1080P or 720P webcam. A wireless connection is not possible.

New imac allegedly with 'giant screen''riesenbildschirm''riesenbildschirm'

While Mobile Macs and Mac Mini have already been rusted on ARM processors, Apple’s all-in-one flagship, the iMac, still has a corresponding update. Of course already seems that the group finally plans a new design. A well-known leader now reports that another display coarse is planned.

iMac becomes "really rough"

The Twitter account @ L0Vetodream, who laged in the past with Apple-friend felligable, claim the screen of the new iMac "Really rough, coarse than the biggest [previously]". Accordingly, Apple was able to go for the first time over the previous maximum diagonal of 27 inches. Apple’s Pro Display XDR, which is considered a possible design model for the new iMac, comes with 32 inches. Accordingly, it is conceivable that Apple is eligible for this format – or slightly below to get its professional screen for 5500 euros not too close.

iMac unmistakable since 2007

The IMAC has not changed its basic look quasi since 2007 – at that time the aluminum look for the all-in-one machine came on the market for the first time. This design was handled in 2009 with a unibody housing and then designed a little dunner from 2012. 2014 or 2015 then came a high explosive screen ("retina") Add (4k and 5k). In the meantime, Apple repeatedly delivered new processors and graphics chips and improved smaller functions.

Ios 15: no savings bank banking with public beta possible

Sparkassen customers should make an arc at iOS 15 for the time being: in the public beta version of the operating system provided by Apple, the Sparkassen app no longer works, it stems on iPhones and iPads according to the opening immediately, as readers report. Although a dodge on the browser is possible, but under circumstances no TANS can be obtained in order to carry out about transfers: also the Pushan app of the savings bank is not functional in iOS 15, either.

No error collection scheduled Public Beta planned

The fact that banking apps in beta versions of the operating system are not unusual: In the past year, about the comdirect app Mitsamtotan denied the service – but the mistake has been fixed. The savings bank is apparently planced no early bugfix, supporting beta versions "Not for safety reasons", it is called there. An update should only follow the official release of iOS 15 in autumn. Which safety concerns exist, remains unclear.

From function loss under iOS 15, only the Sparkassen app and the PushTan app are affected, which are developed by Star Financial. The app offered by the Sparkasse "S-ID check", The one from another developer is also under IOS 15. Star Financial shared demand only with pre-versions of operating systems were not supported, the apps should only be used with the final release. iOS 15 was allowed to appear in September, the Public Beta has been consulted since the end of June.

Police osnabruck: fuel cell goes on patrol

The police in Osnabruck has received a vehicle with fuel cell in the regular use. The Hyundai Nexo is said to be tackled one year for everyday use, said a spokesman for the police residence. He stobe "no exhaust gases and therefore no CO2 off", such a spokesman for the police directorate Osnabruck. Compared to an electric car, the "reach enormously and the refueling is done in minutes". The local emission freedom is just useful for use in the city. So far, police cars are used with fuel cells that are operated with hydrogen in Hamburg and Berlin.

The NEXO can store a total of 6.33 kg of hydrogen at 700 bar in its three tanks, the consumption in the WLTP indicates Hyundai with 0.95 kg H2. He comes with 666 kilometers in this cycle. The tank time should be at 3 to 5 minutes. The electric motor offers 120 kW and 395 nm, maximally reaches the NEXO thus 179 km / h. In the first quarter of 2020, the Hyundai was umused from the normal car to the radio strip car.

Police osnabruck: fuel cell goes on patrol

Officials who have already tested the patrol cars are done by the new emergency vehicle, heat it in a press release.

Apple offnet all shop in the usa

For the first time since Marz 2020, Apple reaffirmed all 270 of his shops in the United States of America. The Group does this despite the fact that there are still high coronavirus incidences in the country in some states. The currently running in the United States against COVID-19 is significantly more successful than those in many European countries – including Germany – a vaccination of the population is far from being reached.

Partly only with quick sale

The iPhone manufacturer does not lead to the retail stores in his home "Business as usual" by. Instead, there are still restrictions in many regions, which drove, for example, that only shopping via Click Collect and services (the apples "Genius Bar" are completed) are possible. For this purpose, conversions were carried out in the stores to better disconnect customers. Nevertheless, at no time before the last spring year all 270 loading in the US were open, like 9TO5MAC reported.

Apple has its own system

Apple had his shop in the US at 1. Marz 2020 Closed for the first time due to the coronavirus pandemic. Rehearsals were made from the 11. May – under often strict hygiene pads. The summer stores were then partially closed again and later soffnet – partly even several times. The Group uses its own corona warning system. The last shop, which recording the business business in the current period, were in Texas – more precisely in the regions Houston, Dallas and San Antonio. There was opened on Monday.

With a promotion, Apple wants to continue to boost the business in the educational market for the nearby winter semester 2020/21. When buying a Mac or iPad together with AirPods, the manufacturer has a promotion discount in a high of 174.45 euros. This covers the Apple Prize of the Base Model of True Wireless Earhorer (AirPods 2 with Lade Case) complete, if a more expensive variant like AirPods Pro is required.

Promotion for Mac or iPad purchase

Apple: free airpods for students when buying mac or ipad

For the first time, Apple Airpods uses the promotion for the promotion.

The offer is only aimed at university students whose parents and employees of educational institutions in Germany. It applies to the purchase of a MacBook Pro, MacBook Air 2020, iMac or IMAC Pro and is closing all configurations (Configure to Order, CTO). Mac Mini and Mac Pro remain excluded from the action, as well as the MacBook Air 2019, which Apple still leads for the educational market in the portfolio. With the iPad purchase, there is the AirPods action discount only when purchasing an iPad Pro or iPad Air.

The purchase of the equipment can be done in the Apple Store Education or a shop of the Group, for students there are discounts there on Macs and iPads. Apple Pencil and Keyboard are also too "Educational prices" offered, so the company. On the optional additional insurance Apple Care +, students also receive 20 percent discount. The student status must be proven in online orders on the provider unidays, also a certificate is required on site. The promotion runs from 9. July to 29. October 2020.