Ios 14.4.2: surprising security update for ios 14 and ios 12

Apple has on Friday evening "Important security updates" Published by iOS: for iPhone and iPad owners is iOS and iPados in version 14.4.2 and iOS 12.5.2 ready for download. The latter is intended for certain alter ipad model series as well as primarily iPhone 6 and 5s, for the Apple continues to provide updates for particularly serious vulnerabilities. The manufacturer recommends all users installation.

Parallel is also Watchos in version 7.3.3 available for installation. IOS 13 Receive no more updates, users should update on iOS 14.

Second IOS security update in Marz

It’s already the second security patch for iOS in Marz. iOS 14.4.1 stuffed a heavy vulnerability in Apple’s Browser Engine Webkit, which allows a remote attacker to allow the infiltration of harmful code when calling a manipulated website. Here, however, no update for iOS 12 was included.

Macos, ios and tvos betas reference new devices

Apple’s new beta versions of iOS, TVOS and Macos presented this week include information on previously unavailable devices or changes in the name of the hardware. So the Leak expert discovered Filipe Esposito in iOS 14.5 Beta 5 a direct hint on the code name for Apple’s coming iPad chip, the "A14x". It’s from "13g" talking about a new GPU; From 13g in turn, it is known that this is the name of the graphic unit in the articles of name in Apple’s name convention "A14x" he had to be. Of the "A14x" Based in turn on the T8103, Apple’s code name for the M1 chip in MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and Mac Mini.

Four iPads with codenamen

The information covered with findings of the developer Steve Moser, who also "13g"-Counters in the beta and direct evidence of so far illuminated iPads with the code names J517, J518, J522 and J523. Apple was again able to bring at least two iPad pro variants with 11- and 12.9-inch screen on the market, which could appear in April. In addition to faster chips, they should also have a mini LED display for the first time – at least at the 12.9-inch variant. Also the camera is probably improved and the USB-C port is allegedly first Thunderbolt-Hahig.

Siri Remote says Chuss

There are also news from the Multimediabox Apple TV. Here is Apple in the Funkten TVOS Beta 14.5 The designation of the remote control of "Siri Remote" on "Apple TV Remote". In addition, the home knob is now called "TV button". Whether this indicates new devices or just a name clear, remains to be seen – the Apple TV 4K has been waiting for a rough superhaul for a long time.

In Hotfix 1.12 for "Cyberpunk 2077" Has CD project Red a security chute in installing mods fixed. Previously, user modifications could theoretically be abused to export code. Hotfix 1.12 was published in accordance with the PC, which supports consoles do not support mods and were therefore not affected.

Previously, CD project was warned on Twitter, mods from unknown sources for "Cyberpunk 2077" to install. In Post, the developers wrote, external DLL files used by the game currently had a vulnerability. This Konne exploited to execute code. According to the Twitter Post, in addition to mods also downloaded Savegames could be affected.

Since last week, CD project officially supports modding tools on his website. Mods are prepared by users or content for video games. Already CD project previous game, "The Witcher 3", Just a healthy modding community, which the game supported years after release

Snapchat: have little problems with apple's app tracking transparency's app tracking transparency

Advertising and social networks Axi heavy under Apples New App Tracking Transparency (ATT). This obliges to ask suppliers of iOS and iPados programs, users before asking for consent before the app may be hit beyond commercial purposes. Facebook advertisement will, for example, be up to 40 percent more inefficient, it is called from the industry. “We fly blind”, my advertiser.

More opt-in than others

However, the problem does not seem to meet all suppliers right away. During Facebook and his advertising drives particularly loud complain, it is better in other social networks better. The picture network Snapchat reported fresh numbers last week – and had surprisingly positive to report ATT.

According to the parent company Snap, the ATT commitment has since iOS 14.5 few problems caused as accepted. On the one hand, it will take a while until all users have recorded the new version, threw it. On the other hand, there had been a higher opt-at-rate when we have reported them in the rest of the industry, so Jeremi Gorman, Chief Business Officer of Snap. You believe that this with one “Higher confidence of our community in our products and our business” have to do.

Headhortry boom lets varta optimistically looking into the future

The battery company VARTA looks significantly more optimistic about the art businesses thanks to the boom wireless headhortry. The forecasts for sales and earnings in the current year was ahead of the Board of Directors Herbert Schein again in the high. "The trend of the mobile phone manufacturer is clear: the cable is a thing of the past", said light on Thursday. "In the near future, the only interface will be wireless." It should be expected that the swivel to the wireless advice would be strengthened.

High sales expected

The revenue forecast for this year raised management to 840 to 860 million euros, as the company noted in the MDAX Varta announced on Thursday in Ellwangen. So far, Varta had planned with 810 to 830 million euros. The result-adjusted earnings before interest, taxes and depreciation was allowed to reach 230 to 235 million euros after 97.5 million euros in the previous year. Previously, the management had placed only up to 215 million euros.

Varta was in particular last year of the darling of investors at the Borse, but had to fight this year with inheritance products, litigation and the Corona crash. At the beginning of August, VARTA puts a dispute with the coarse customer Samsung and agreed on new delivery agent. Varta had accused patent infringements for Koreans because of the purchase of inheritance products. The company is at its own representation world market drivers for battery button cells in headhortry, as you can bring electronic giants such as Samsung and Apple with their smartphones to the clientele.