Sony: ps4 game 'days gone' is ported for pc'days gone' wird fur pc portiert'days gone' wird fur pc portiert

Sony brings another of his PS exclusive title to the PC. The zombie action adventure should still be in the early year "Days Gone" For the calculator, the development studio Bend belonging to Sony now has now on Twitter.

"Days Gone" is compared to other PS4 exclusive games like "God of was", "The Last of US 2" and that already considered a PC version "Horizon Zero Dawn" Rather Standard Game Cost: On Metacritic, the Action Adventure a score of 71.

The porting is also a good news for all games fans, the "Days Gone" Not interested in: It continues the trend that more and more PlayStation exclusive titles are also ported for the computer – at least bespeally with some distance.

Headhortry boom lets varta optimistically looking into the future

The battery company VARTA looks significantly more optimistic about the art businesses thanks to the boom wireless headhortry. The forecasts for sales and earnings in the current year was ahead of the Board of Directors Herbert Schein again in the high. "The trend of the mobile phone manufacturer is clear: the cable is a thing of the past", said light on Thursday. "In the near future, the only interface will be wireless." It should be expected that the swivel to the wireless advice would be strengthened.

High sales expected

The revenue forecast for this year raised management to 840 to 860 million euros, as the company noted in the MDAX Varta announced on Thursday in Ellwangen. So far, Varta had planned with 810 to 830 million euros. The result-adjusted earnings before interest, taxes and depreciation was allowed to reach 230 to 235 million euros after 97.5 million euros in the previous year. Previously, the management had placed only up to 215 million euros.

Varta was in particular last year of the darling of investors at the Borse, but had to fight this year with inheritance products, litigation and the Corona crash. At the beginning of August, VARTA puts a dispute with the coarse customer Samsung and agreed on new delivery agent. Varta had accused patent infringements for Koreans because of the purchase of inheritance products. The company is at its own representation world market drivers for battery button cells in headhortry, as you can bring electronic giants such as Samsung and Apple with their smartphones to the clientele.