Bayern: new software against cybercriminalitat should bring light into the darknet

With a new software from the Netherlands, Bayern’s investigators want to bring light into the so-called Darknet and create criminals the craft. Minister of Justice Georg Iron (CSU) and the Dutch research company TNO signed a cooperation agreement on Monday. "The Free State is determined against Cybercrime", said Iron rich. "A digitally crosslinked world offers gross opportunities, but is also vulnerable."

The term Darknet is mostly used for Hidden Services on the service gate, which should provide for extensive anonymity and dependency. There are numerous legal offers such as Facebook or the BBC, which with .ONION URL can be reached – but also criminal marketplaces for trade with drugs, weapons, pictures of child abuse and similar.

What is where to find in the Darknet?

"Technique changes our world rapidly; Criminals quickly recognize new opportunities as they offer the Dark Web", said Tno Director National Security, Krishna Taneja. "In order to counteract these threats, innovations are required."

Christie's auctioned purely digital artwork and accepts crypto food's auctioned purely digital artwork and accepts crypto food's versteigert rein digitales kunstwerk und akzeptiert kryptowahrung

The London Auction House Christie’s accepts for the first time for auction the payment in a cryptography. Interested parties can also pay the highest offer for the "Everdays: The First 5000 Days" plant also in the crypto food ether of the network Etherum. The opening requirement amounts to 100 US dollars.

The artwork, from 25. February to 11. Marz 2021 stands for the online action, consists of 21.069 × 21.069 pixels, even as the possible payment is only digitally existent; That’s just a premiere for Christie’s. The authenticity and uniqueness of the factory should be a non-fungible token (NFT). The NFT concept comes from special tokens working on the etherum blockchain. It became popular for the first time in 2017, when the start-up axiom zen for the entertainment title Cryptokitties allowed users to breed and swap virtual cats.

5000 days, 5000 motifs

"Everydays: The First 5000 Days" consists of 5000 motifs, which have the digital artist Mike Winkelmann occurring under the name Beeple since 1. May 2007 to 7. January 2021 has created every day. The individual motifs are arranged in loose chronological order. They show "abstract, fantastic, grotesque and absurd images as well as current events and deeply personal moments" as it is in the factory description. In the individual pictures, among other things, it is about obsession and fear of society in front of technology, the desire for and resentment against wealth and the youngest political events in the US.

Volocopter shows four-seater air taxi voloconnect

The air taxi developer Volocopter has presented another vertical starter model that will be "Okosystem for urban air mobilety" be added. The Voloconnect should have a coarse range than the multicopter Volocity and suburbs associate with the city.

Voloconnect consists among other things from one "Hybrid lift" and a "Push-design", How it calls volocopter; This is called support flats and two drive designs are combined with six rotors for the up and descent. Thus, up to four passengers are to be electrically on tracks of – with contemporary battery technology – maximum 100 km at a speed of 180 km / h can be requested. The small multicopter Volocity has a range of 35 km with a highest speed of 110 km / h.

For two years in development

The Munchner Volocopter team under the direction of Chefingenieur Sebastian Mores has been working on the aircraft since two years and filed several patents. Scaled prototypes of Voloconnect have already been flown.

Now the US television station Discovery has challenged a competition, in which someone can secure a flight into space. As part of an eight-part television series called "Who Wants to be an astronaut?" a seat in the Axiom Space Mission 2 (AX-2) is to be occupied, which should fly to the ISS for eight days. It will follow the Axiom Mission 1 (AX-1), which is planned in 2022 as the first complete private flight to the outdoor post of humanity. For participation in the "rigorous selection method" full of "Extreme challenges" Can now apply US burger and burger. Selection should then be a jury.

More and more competitions

The Environment of Discovery once again underlines that Spacex’s youngest success is expected that now a new ARA begins in space tourism. More and more private flights are being exploited. The first with technique of Spacex should already take place in a few months, others drove in a few years even down the moon – passenger will also be searched for. Last autumn was called a broadcast called "Space Hero" Already a similar competition for a seat on a space flight. Meanwhile, with Blue Order, another provider smashes the first manned flight always closer and has a seat. Did that Virgin Galactic continues to fight with jerking.

Discovery now cooperates with the space company Axiom, which organizes flights to all. Axiom Space plans for its own business with flights to all, among other things, a habitable module, which is once to be docked to the ISS. At the first flight of the company to the ISS, the former NASA astronaut Michael Lopez-AleGria should fly the wealthy entrepreneur Larry Connor, Mark Pathy and Eytan Stibbe to the ISS. Even before, Spacex wants to push four people in a space capsule of the type Dragon for several days as part of a mission called Inspiration4. The start is currently scheduled for mid-September.

Asrock ibox-v2000: airless mini pcs with amds 7-nanometer-ryzen

Under the Industrial Division Asrock brings the mini PC IBOX-V2000 with AMD’s youngest Combi Processors Ryzen Embedded V2000. The manufacturer installs the two 15-watt models Ryzen embedded V2718 and Ryzen embedded V2516 with eight or six CPU cores in a housing without air. Take over aluminum slats on the housing The warm removal.

The Codename Gray Hawk Combined Processors set on AMDS ZEN-2 architecture with integrated VEGA graphics unit and TSMCS 7 nanometer technology. Two SO-DIMM slots up to 64 GB of DDR4-3200-RAM and ECC error correction. A fleet PCI-Express SSD fits into an M.2-slot (M-Key), a WLAN module in a M.2-E-KEY. An additional SSD or HDD can be beaten over SATA 6G.

Asrock ibox-v2000: airless mini pcs with amds 7-nanometer-ryzen

Replace the iBox V2000, including 2.5-gigabit LAN and USB.

Hydrogen train in the sudwest drive in control mode

The first hydrogen train, which is traveling in the Sudwest in regular operation, has successfully completed its premiere ride on Monday on the Zollernalbbahnen. Transport Minister Winfried Hermann officially described the premiere ride of the Coradia Ilint of Alstom Hydrogen Add to basket "Modern answer to diesel locomotives". That the tracks that only outbreak water vapor, without exhaust gases and quieter "a plus for the residents".

According to the network operator, the national Sudwestdeutsche Landesververt-AG, is expected to be roadmabig to the routes between Sigmaringen, Hechingen and Eyach on the way at the end of February. The Ministry of Transport is hoping for insights over the everyday use of towards hydrogen propulsion.

Series production runs

Whether the Ilint could also be used permanently on the tarn albumways, should be decided after the trial operation. An external expert is intended to accompany the project, won it in a message. Possible applications are distances on which the construction of a harmonization is not economical and for which one electrification is provided, but has not yet been implemented.

First cloud application certified for the implementation of the cash register regulation

The fiscal cloud for the implementation of the cashguard regulation (KassensichV) jointly developed by the German Fiscal and the Federal Prere Daughters D-Trust has the first cloud application received the certification of the Federal Office for Safety in Information Technology (BSI). As a so-called technical safety device (TSE), it is intended to maintain the manipulation safety of transactions in cash register systems.

Background is the core requirement of this Legal Ordinance, which will provide Handler its cash register systems with such a certified technical security facility. The Regulation also requires how to look for a TSE, accurate specifications provides the technical directive TR-03153 of the BSI: It consists of a security module that logs at the beginning of the recording operation, so that it can not be changed in retrospect.

Another component is a storage medium where the individual records are stored for the duration of the statutory retention period. And finally belongs a uniform digital interface, which ensures a simple data transfer for conveying purposes.

Intel cpu 'alder lake-s': 16-kerners with ddr5-sdram in benchmark database'alder lake-s': 16-kerner mit ddr5-sdram in benchmark-datenbank'alder lake-s': 16-kerner mit ddr5-sdram in benchmark-datenbank

Already since the summer 2020 diving in online benchmark databases again and again entrance to Intel’s coming desktop processor ereration ALDER LAKE-S alias Core I-12000 – The first desktop series with 10 nanometer technology. In the case of a new run at Sisoftware Sandra, DDR5-SDRAM is now also used, and the clock frequencies are largely.

The processor tested is a 16-kernel. Intel relies on the Alder-Lake series on hybrid computing with a mixture of eight rough covensive and smaller, but with low load more efficient atomic power ranges. Consequently, the software reads 24 threads: The coarse CPU cores dominate hyper-threading, the little ones.

Much L2 cache and DDR5-SDRAM

Only the information in the read ID yields less sense: there are 32 threads and 10 × 1.25 MBE level 2 cache. That was allowed to lie on the different CPU cores, as Sisoftware Sandra does not know the hybrid approach of desktop processors simply. 1.25 MB of L2 cache Pro Cove core, so eight times, appear with a view of the mobile processor ereration Tiger Lake probably. The atomic cores are traditionally begging with a fraction.

Northlander want to expand hydrogen

North German Landers want to further expand the renewable energy and in particular hydrogen technology. On the way to climate-neutral energy use, all of North Germany has the gross potential to become a competence region, said Minister Presenter Manuela Schwesig (SPD) on Thursday to conclude a conference of the Funf North Prime Ministers in Laage South Rostocks. The central goal must be to develop hydrogen technology for marketability so that industry can produce climate-neutral.

For this purpose, the North Lander had developed a hydrogen strategy, said Schnigig. Thus, in the industrial site of Northern Germany, workplaces should be secured and created as well as new settlements are generated. "We are against climate change, but we want to use the energy transition as a chance for the north", Extended Lower Saxony Minister Prosident Stephan Weil (SPD).

Nordic cooperation for climate protection

Schleswig-Holstein’s Minister Prosident Daniel Gunther (CDU) stressed the close cooperation under the North countries like Schwesig. These were able to throw a whole lot into the scales on the subject of climate protection. "The topic of renewable energies are pioneers in many areas", said Gunther. With targeted investments, the hydrogen sector can be expanded.