New magazine: our site with special to smarter lighting'URL'] mit special zu smarter beleuchtung

The first Our Site Special is here. We have compiled the best guidebooks, tests and background from our site and heise + on Smart Lighting as a 148-page compendium for them.

Lighting is the optimal entry into the smart home. Because with a few steps you can replace existing bulbs through smart alternatives. In addition, the investment is ideally overlooked: Some systems are complete without additional tax center. They can be expanded almost arbitrarily and combine with other smart home components.

Our Site Special – Smart Lighting

New magazine: our site with special to smarter lighting'URL'] mit special zu smarter beleuchtung

The new Our Site Special is the topic of smart lighting in focus. We tell you what opportunities Smart’s light offers and how to find the right LED lamp. In several comparison tests, we introduce you to lighting systems and LED lamps for the gears E14 and E27 catches. Also for smart light in the garden and on the terrace, the special delivers all upcoming information.

Bnd should be up to 50 percent of all networks worldwide

Federal Assessment Service (BND) should continue to raise and evaluate personal data in coarse style with technical means of personal data from foreign countries abroad. However, this suspicion-independent strategic telecommunications list is clossed for new specifications and controlled strictly. Global and flat rate should the BND not spy on.

This is apparent from a draft speaker of the Federal Chancellery to the amendment to the BND law, network policy.Oil has published. Thus, the most important powers of the foreign secure service are to be adapted in particular to the requirements of the judgment of the Federal Results Court of May.

The mass monitoring abroad "Current findings in real time" and is therefore indispensable, says the Chancellery. It should continue to be permissible only on the basis of selectors, such as connection identifiers, signatures of transmissions, geographic areas, content search terms or a telecommunications network of a closed user group.

Programming language: the python-3.5-arm is off

The Python insider blog has the end of the support of Python 3.5 reported. Python developers should switch to the youngest version possible, which is currently in the stable variant 3.8 is. This was allowed to change very soon, as the Roadmap today’s 5. October as a release date of Python 3.9 provides for.

Python 3.5 was published for five years ago in September 2015 and, among other things, introduced the @operator for Matrix multiplications and a general unpacking syntax for container types. The planned support end was allowed to provide developers less problems than the final for Python 2.X at the turn of the year. Finally, the Python-3.X-Releases RuckwartsCompatible.

blue … no … yellow!

The recent release 3.8 In October 2019, brought Assignment Expressions and a C-API to configure initialization. Python 3.9 is in the beta phase since May and, among other things, has the possibility to connect two dictionaries to the Union operator and remove duplicate elements.

Panasonic l-mount: 70-300-millimeter zoom for full format cameras

With the Lumix S 70-300mm F4.5-5.6 Macro O.I.S. Panasonic takes a lens for the mirrorless system cameras of the Lumix S family to the program. It is guided to the class of rather price-conscious telecom lenses that are suitable for natural photography as well as for near and action recordings.

Panasonic l-mount: 70-300-millimeter zoom for full format cameras

The 70-300 mm telephoto objective on a Panasonic Lumix S5, the entry-level family model.

The manufacturer has trimmed it particularly to compact mabe and a low weight. In fact, with 790 grams, it remains a bit lighter than the pendant of Sony for E-Mount – after all, the Fe brings 70-300mm F4.5-5.6 g OSS something about 850 grams on the scales. To save weight, Panasonic has waived asharic lens elements, among other things,. The manufacturer wants to meet chromatic aberrations with a special combination of concave and convex lenses.

Schenker via 14: 1.1-kg notebook with core i-1100g

The German notebook provider Schenker is at the front with the fresh start of Intel’s elf Core I generation at the top: The first notebook is the VIA 14 with the new processors of the Tiger Lake series is updated.

As with Schenker ubrow, the buyer can determine the equipment. At the beginning, there are only variants with the Core i7-1165G7, then consequences then gorgeous models with Core I5-1135G7. Both are square kernels in which the integrated IRIS-XE graphics unit in full extension with 96 EUS.

8 GB of DDR4 stores are leased to the motherboard, over a SO-DIMM slot, the RAM can be up to 40 GB. Inside there are also two M.2 slots for PCI Express SSDs ready, but of which only one PCIe 4.0 speaks. A USB-C port dominates data controllers according to USB 4 and Thunderbolt 4, indicates DisplayPort-1.4B signals and serves to load the notebook battery. The latter summarizes 73 Wh, should last up to 14 hours and leave rapidly loading (90 percent of 90 minutes). An HDMI-2.0B output and USB-A jacks are also on board.

Success with 6g radio for us university and samsung

6.2 Gigabits per second, 15 meters have been sparked this week in Canada. Suddenly the 6G prototype, which developers of the University of California in Santa Barbara (UCSB) have developed together with Samsung Research. This shares the Sudkorean Group with. The scene of the 6G demonstration was the currently in Montreal IEEE conference for communication.

The digital radio signal was emitted in the Terahertz range (140 GHz) from a Phased Array antenna with 16 channels. The signal was handsome 2 gigahertz wide. This is 400 times a typical UMTS mobile signal (WCDMA). The aim is at 6g even a rough order wider radio signals. In this high frequency range, there is still a lot of free frequency spectrum.

To overhead in the Terahertz area can be sparked, especially fleet chips are required. Classic channels with silicon chips could not radiate energy with so high frequencies. UCSB has developed special bipolar transistors with multiple semiconductor materials to radiate a 140 GHz signal.

Continuous lifecycle 2020-21: eight video packages with delicate expert know-how

At a total of eight-day days of the heise developer, ix and dot.publisher At the end of 2020 and in the spring of the year 2021, sister conferences organized Continuous Lifecycle and ContainerConf Depth insights, know-how and practical knowledge around Continuous Delivery, Devops, Containerization and Cloud Native. Anyone who missed the live performances of the numerous experts and experts can now secure the records of all 61 forwards – individually or in the package.

Continuous Delivery, Devops and Container Techniques

Among others, the program covers the most important tools and techniques in the Kubernetes universe, the benefits of service meshes and how to properly use them, the entry and experience of gitops as well as best practices around monitoring and observability. The focus will be in addition to continuous testing and suitable test frameworks as well as CI / CD pipelines and the basic questions about the Uustrational Topic Security.

The video-on-demand packages are now available – depending on the number of presented presentation – for the price of 59.95 euros or 69.95 euros available:

Jewels in the bilderberg

As well as scientific professional books often with "already the ancient Greeks ?… "start, many articles for digital photography with a lamento over the, compared to analog times, uncontrollable picture flood – and it is justified. Thousand photos of a wedding do not use anything if they are only on the hard disk. Many programs presented here, however, assist from the thousand pictures of the 50 for the family of the most interesting to export and export them in various types of play.

The image databases Thumbs-Plus and StudioLine help with their keyword systems according to IPTC standard. However, as their care costs valuable leisure, one should restrict the expense from the outset to a minimum. In most cases you come to the destination without the administration program. For the progress of the pictures of the last weekend trip, it is sufficient to keep the overview of the photos of the last three months. With a thought-out folder structure you can often save the start of the image management. The scans from school hours are then in the 1995-06_abi folder, the current holiday pictures in 2007-07_toscana. Anyone photographing metal bands and sailing ships can instead create appropriate folders and add subfolders with the names of the chapels or wet. If Manowar gets on the Gorch Fock, but you have a problem that does not lose loose with file folders. Here is a picture database with category system like studio. More on that later.

Which folder structure always appears practicable: It is important to consistently carry on a once started system. Do not lift every snapshot, reduces administrative burden again. Even though private photos are a very emotional matter: blob because you had printed a random time that the data produced does not have positive documentary value. The compared with analog times low material consumption animates for experimentation with image composition and exposure. After copying on the hard drive, however, one can, depending on how nervos the finger lying on the trigger, often remove a good part of the raw material.

Gruner hydrogen: siemens energy, hh2e and uniper planning 'future''zukunftskraftwerk''zukunftskraftwerk'

Siemens Energy, HH2E and Unipers want to generate grunen hydrogen in Hamburg-Moorburg and provide process and long-distance heat. Hierfur are planning the three companies "Future" with the main components high temperature storage, electrolyzer and one "Innovative gas turbine". In addition, they want to build a hydrogen trading platform.

"Gruner hydrogen" means the gas is obtained by means of renewable energy by electrolysis of water, in this project wind stream is called. Perspectively, it may be possible to make the hydrogen demand of the Hamburg energy-intensive industry completely free of emission, it is called in a message of the three companies . Part of the stored energy is to be delivered as a process steam to the Hamburg industry. In addition, Gruner hydrogen should be converted into climate-friendly electricity and green forthin times using a possible NOx-poor, highly efficient gas turbine.

The planned hydrogen trading platform will become the international marketplace for physical and balance sheet trade in hydrogen. Also conceivable is the trade in other energy carriers obtained from grunous hydrogen such as ammonia, methanol or synthetic combustion and fuels.

Security updates: attachers could access big-ip appliances

Admins of BIG-IP Appliances Captured by F5: Under certain conditions, attackers were able to access systems and in the worst case own commands export. The risk arising from some security is with "high" classy. Patches loose the security problems.

Admins should look closely at the warnings linked below this message and install the security updates relevant for them.

Unauthorized access

The dangerous luck (CVE-2021-22986, "high") can be found in the IControl Rest component and affects all BIG-IP modules. The systems are only vulnerable when they run in the Appliance Fashion. If that’s the case, an authenticated user with a valid user credentials that the role could "Administrator" has been assigned the restrictions of appliance mode and export any commands.