Diesel scandal: former audi chef stadler in court

Rupert Stadler comes in a gray Mercedes to the Audi process. It is a symbolic picture: He is no longer the Audi boss, in whose time the brand sales success celebrated and several years more cars sold as Mercedes-Benz. In between are the diesel scandal, a multi-month detention and stadler outward throw.

The hall in which the district court of Munchen begins on Wednesday, to negotiate the fraud race against Stadler and three co-defendants, the 57-year-old demonstratively relaxes relaxed. In the hall in the Prison Stadelheim Stadelheim is about much. Legally "Fraud, indirect misconception and punishable advertising" – So the prosecutor has already been communicated in summer. Theoretically, the defendants threaten to a conviction of up to ten years of prison.


And it’s about the workup of the diesel scandal. Even before the prosecutor can begin to read more than 90 pages comprehensive indictment, the legal plank begins: Stadler’s defender is a request for information. He wants to know if from the district of the judges, father and spheres of someone or his partner since 2009 cars have driven cars developed by Audi developed engines. Background is a possible bias.

Development environment: qt creator 5.0 builds applications in the docker container

Two months after the last 4.X version is now the first beta of QT Creator 5.0 appeared. The release of the development environment tailored to the C ++ development brings with the connection to docker and the interaction with clangd as a backend for C / C ++ two innovations, which are first marked as experimental.

After the 4 Series of IDE pays for five years, the version jump should be 5.x not the last for this year, since in winter already QT Creator 6.0 is planned. Background is the conversion to Semantic Version (Semver) in the context of the roadmap for 2021. The current release is on the fresh version 6 published fresh as a beta.2 of the Qt Framework designed.

Language model and work in the container

In the medium term, Clangd as a Language Server in conjunction with the Language Server Protocol (LSP) should take code understatement and thus replace the previous LiblClang-based approach. QT Creator 5.0 offers a first implementation, which, however, is currently marked as experimentally and is not fully implemented. So far, the car resistance is still missing, and for some functions a development build of clangd is required. Who liked clangd as a language server, must first use use clangd under Tools | Options | C ++ | Activate Clangd.

Chef of the manned nasa space should have informed boeing unlauter

In mid-May, Douglas Loverro, until then head of the manned space travel of NASA, resigned surprisingly. The time was Brisant: in the following week he had to celebrate with the resumption of astronauts of US floor from the big success of his NASA career. Now it became known why Loverro had to go: he should have attached Boeing internal information for an ongoing tender.

Several companies, including Boeing, had applied for a coarse order of NASA for Mondlandevehikel. Finally, Donald Trump wants the US to be in his every 2. Pay back to the moon. But Boeing tried to renew already submitted documents after expired deadline. Because the request for Boeings strikingly concerned a NASA-internal discussion, the alarm bells shrill in the room ride agency.

The suspicion of Boeing has obtained insider information from NASA and try to exploit this, solve an investigation of the NASA Court of Auditors. As the Washington Post reported, the track leaded to a conversation between Loverro and Boeings Space Chief Jim Chilton. Then Loverro, NASA’s head of manned space travel, was forced to jerk just before the first US start.

Data analysis: varadas workload analyzer for presto goes open source

Varada, a provider of Big Data analytics software, has made its Workload Analyzer for Presto open source. The tool is compatible with the query engine Presto, a project originally founded by Facebook, which today consists of PrestoDB and Trino (the former PrestoSQL).

Data virtualization with the distributed query engine

Presto, a distributed SQL query engine, can be used to query data from a variety of sources, including Kafka, MongoDB, PostgreSQL and MySQL. The engine is designed for particularly coarse petabyte data sets and processes data at the storage location – in coarse clusters and cloud environments this plays a role.

Monitor workloads in Presto clusters

The query engine and its associated tool for examining workloads in Presto clusters are currently used primarily in data-driven projects and enterprises, according to Varada. The distributed query engine can be used to query raw data from various sources in an unmodeled fashion, and the entire so-called data lake can then be examined using PrestoDB and Trino, according to the tool vendor.

Despite record penalty: google shopping continues to discriminate competitors

The search results for shopping on Google still usually drove directly to providers and disadvantages thereby competitors offering price comparisons. This resulted in a study of business consultancy Lademann Associates. Google had already received a record penalty for about three years ago because of the handling of such competitors.

Less than one percent of the traffic was directed by Google to a shopping page as Idealo or Kelkoo, the Financial Times writes about the investigation. 10.5 billion clicks of 25 competitors have been viewed.

Litigation leads to cleavage

Three years ago, Google had praised after a litigation – and paid a € 2.42 billion of competition that the EU Commission had filed. The shopping area has been offset from alphabet as a subsidiary of Alphabet. Since then, this should offer equally mammals with competitors around the ad places. "We give the shopping comparison services the same possibility to display product displays of handlers on Google search pages like Google Shopping", struck it. Competitors immediately criticized that it would be about paying the places and they are not free. The search engine service countered, the Commission urged that all are treated equally, which is the same with this procedure.

Bettercode () php 8: only one week ago frubbucherrabatt

For the 26. November 2020 is the publication of the eighth main version of PHP planned. heise developer Takes this on the occasion and organizes this day in cooperation with the experts of ThePhp.CC and the creators of the PHP.Ruhr conference The BetterCode () PHP 8.

In addition to overview of the innovations of the releases, developers receive detailed insights into the development process of the programming language. Exhibited experts on the basis of practical examples and hand-on-info help in migration to PHP 8.

Tips for the proposed fear migration

The focus is on the question of what the eighth main version of amendments brings and how developers can control the new and implement in the code. One of the most important innovations was allowed to be the Just-In-Time Compiler (JIT), which PHPStorm developer Nikita Popov introduces in a lecture. PHPUnit Schopfer Sebastian Bergmann introduces the more type information in the code that the software should make more robust. The Doctrine Annotation Developer Benjamin Beberli explains how the code with metadata is better mechanically structured. For this he takes the in php 8 new attributes on the basis of some use cases under the magnifying glass.

Nikon, Canon, and, and, and, …: Few coarse companies dominate the camera industry and are headline encoders of daily updating reporting around the topic of photography. Quickly smaller companies from the focus – such as the camera manufacturer Alpa. The Swiss company not only looks back on a long-term history, it also has well-known lover – Rene Staud: He sets Alpa cameras for his photographs – c’t digital photography had reported in magazine 03/2014. Here is a background report on the company and its products:

The beginnings

The name Alpa goes back to the 1918 rounded company Pignons S.A. In Ballaigues / Western Switzerland, the home of the watch industry. Pignons was a classic supply company for the conveyor parts for watches of the same name, which searched for the highly fluctuating demand for the watch manufacturers after a balance.

Alpa models

Alpa - cameras without factory?

Alpa 12 fps

Right-wing extremist chat groups: 29 policemen under suspicion

For FUF-revised right-wing extremist chat groups in North Rhine-Westphalia, 29 police officers should have been involved. The Minister of Interior Herbert Reul (CDU) said Wednesday in Dusseldorf. All had been suspended in the morning and were initiated against all disciplinary recordings. 14 officials should be removed from the service. According to Reule, 25 civil servants to the police prose. Overall, there were 14 raids against police officers on Wednesday 14 raids.

Special representative should be checked

The minister talked to the press conference of "a shame for the police". In the groups, 126 image files have been distributed, including photos of Adolf Hitler, but also for example the fictitious representation of a flight of escape in a gas chamber. One of the chat groups was probably founded in 2013, spat in May 2015.

In addition to the 14 searches, the incurred 15 accused officials were delivered according to Reul disciplinary fragments. He ordered a special inspection for the mainly affected police prose. In addition, he will appoint a Special Representative for right-wing extremist tendencies in the North Rhine-Westfal police. He will do everything in his powerful Dafur, "to remove these people from the service", said Reul. According to Michael Fruit, Head of the State Office for Training of Police in NRW (LAFP), all 29 officials were suspended.

Qnap-nas with chinese cpu also in germany

QNAP has introduced the NAS system TVS-675 with six hard disk doves without coarse tamtam and two multigigabite Ethernet connections (nBase-t to 2.5 GBit / s). The special feature: The network storage uses no X86 processors from AMD or Intel and not the frequently used Arm-Quadcore CPU AL-314/324 from Annapurna Labs. Instead, the KX-U6580 of the Chinese manufacturer Zhaoxin is located inside the KAIXIAN KX-U6580.

Although the processor has eight x86 computing with a clock frequency of 2.5 GHz, but the cores have a low computing power per stroke. The chip post-ready TSMC produces the processor with 16 nanometer structures. Zhaoxin may design the CPUs with a license of the partner company via for the X86 command set. Actually, the Kaixian series is intended for the Chinese market to make themselves independent of western companies, which is why no corresponding terminates have appeared in Europe so far.

Qnap-nas with chinese cpu also in germany

Connection side sets the TVS-675 two 2,5-Gbit / s Ethernet, three times USB and HDMI 2.0 ready. Three 82 mm air to take the fresh air supply.

Web development: deno 1.5 tree shaking for bundler

Deno, the runtime environment for web development with JavaScript and TypeScript, is in version 1.5 before. The developer team behind Deno puts the focus on stabilization with the current version and fixes some bugs.

The Dead code on the track

The JavaScript runtime environment is a new bundling. For this purpose, the developer team replaces the obsolete Bundling infrastructure through a new bundler based on the type script / JavaScript compiler SWC. Only drove to performance increases.

In addition, Deno Bundle is now supported Tree Shaking, a technique from the JavaScript environment to eliminate so-called Dead code. The integration of Tree Shaking is said to be the Bundling in Deno 1.5 fiftheen times faster than still in version 1.4.