Disney’s Upper Pixar Film appears directly on Disney+. In the cinemas comes "soul" Only in Marks, where Disney’s streaming service is not offered. The publication of the new Pixar movie is for the 25. December planned.

In contrast to "Mulan" will "soul" directly at no extra charge at Disney +. All subscribers can "soul" Directly at no extra at Disney + – so from the beginning – stream, without having to make additional payments. The film is about a music teacher who finds itself in a soul world. Jamie Foxx and Tina Fey belong to the speakers.

Trailer: "soul" [English] (Source: Pixar / Disney)

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Giant method around the cyber bunker

Yesterday Monday was at the 1. Gross youth chamber of the Landgericht Trier the process against the wireholders of the Darknet Data Centrum Cyberbunker, which was a year ago. Four Netherlands, three Germans and a Bulgarian is accused, as operator of this bulletproof hoster almost 250.000 offenses with mimic. Before it came to the raid in Traben-Trarbach, the investigating agents had watched the activities long and a V-man introduced.

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E-perso usage continues to stagnate

The electronic identity card just does not come from the spot: according to the new "E-Government Monitor" The initiative D21 and the TU Munchen, only six percent of respondents have already used the online identity function – as many as in the previous year. In the meantime, no special reader is needed: Since 2017, Android smartphones can also read the ID card with NFC chip. Since the end of 2019, this also applies to iPhones. Now further simplifications are planned as the TU Munchchen announces.