Strategy game: 'civilization 6' is free in the epic games store'civilization 6' ist kostenlos im epic games store'civilization 6' ist kostenlos im epic games store

With "Civilization 6" Epic Games again gives a highly careful game to users of his games stores. The strategy game of Firaxis can run users of the Epic Games Stores to 28. Secure. If you activate the game within this deadline, stays "CIV 6" then in the library and can still be played. For the activation you need an account with EPIC Games and must have activated the two-factor authentication.

Trailer too "Civilization 6" (Source: Fireaxis, 2K Games)

The iconic "Civilization"-Series enthusiastically strategican since 1991, the youngest offshoot "Civilization 6" Shoot 2016. Meanwhile stand for "CIV 6" Several expansion packages that are not included in the free offer of Epic Games. They must be purchased separately on request.

Eu should be authorized to fight for money basecians

In the fight against money skewers, the EU Commission does not only want to build up a cash top of imports, but also building a new monitoring resistance. According to the German Press Agency, the AMLA should even be determined by default of financial sanctions in the violation of EU rules. It is also provided that it coordinates national supervisors and support them to increase their effectiveness in the enforcement of the European regulations.

Previously, it has already become known that the EU Commission for payments has a uniform cash capture of 10.000 Euro wants to import. In addition, the planned maaking package against money baseca also includes the proposal to encompass the regulations for the provider of Krypto services. For this purpose, for example, the payment processing is paid.

Mixed reactions in the EU Parliament

In the European Parliament, the planning of the EU Commission on mixed reactions. The CSU MEP Markus Ferber embarks on the project to build a new monitoring resistance. "We have seen that the European banking supervision with the money laundry supervision is required", he commented.