Decorian crash of a tesla driver jerks 'autopilot' in the view of the police'autopiloten' in den blick der polizei'autopiloten' in den blick der polizei

At night on the 5. Mai raced a Tesla driver on the Interstate 210 at Fontana in California with his model 3 in an escaped truck and died. The truck driver and a person who had just helped him were injured. For US media and official, the occasion was amed, the man has a driving assistance during his last Tour Teslas "Autopilot" Leave, because he had previously posted a few times videos on the Internet, in which he did not have his hands during the ride on the steering wheel.

The California traffic police was first amed that the "Autopilot" while the accident was turned on. Father took up the opinion and wrote to the statement, there was no final evidence that driving assistance could have been responsible for the accident. The traffic safety farming National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is now involved; This is the 29. Accident with a Tesla, around the author’s Kummert.

Member of the fan club

Teslas "Autopilot" allows the electric cars to automatically brake, accelerate and switch the track. The manufacturer emphasizes that the function does not make the car fully autonomous and requires a driver supervision. Among other things, the 35-year-old Tototete had published on the platform Tiktok videos, in which he had hilarious over the driving assistance, it is called in media reports. In a video on Instagram, the driver – member of a Tesla fan club – showed how he is without his hands on the handlebar and fruze on the pedal ride.

Police osnabruck: fuel cell goes on patrol

The police in Osnabruck has received a vehicle with fuel cell in the regular use. The Hyundai Nexo is said to be tackled one year for everyday use, said a spokesman for the police residence. He stobe "no exhaust gases and therefore no CO2 off", such a spokesman for the police directorate Osnabruck. Compared to an electric car, the "reach enormously and the refueling is done in minutes". The local emission freedom is just useful for use in the city. So far, police cars are used with fuel cells that are operated with hydrogen in Hamburg and Berlin.

The NEXO can store a total of 6.33 kg of hydrogen at 700 bar in its three tanks, the consumption in the WLTP indicates Hyundai with 0.95 kg H2. He comes with 666 kilometers in this cycle. The tank time should be at 3 to 5 minutes. The electric motor offers 120 kW and 395 nm, maximally reaches the NEXO thus 179 km / h. In the first quarter of 2020, the Hyundai was umused from the normal car to the radio strip car.

Police osnabruck: fuel cell goes on patrol

Officials who have already tested the patrol cars are done by the new emergency vehicle, heat it in a press release.

Altmaier expects around 14 million electric cars until 2030

Federal Minister of Economics Peter Altmaier expects that until 2030 significantly more electric cars on the straws in Germany ride as previously paced. "I ame that the number of electric vehicles in Germany in 2030 will be a tremendous amount up to 40 percent high as previously thought", said the CDU politician of Augsburger general. He referred to new calculations commissioned by the Federal Government.

So far, the federal government had expected € 7 million to 10 million approved electric cars by 2030. According to those skilled in the art, about 14 million battery-powered cars 2030 could be required to reach the climate goals in traffic. "What we are experiencing right now is a very rapid change towards sustainable mobility", said Altmaier.

The proportion of new cars, which can use electricity as an energy carrier, continues to increase strongly. In the first six months of this year, 163.571 Plug-in hybrids and 148.716 battery electrical cars for the first time in Germany approved. To classify: Overall, in this period 1.390.889 new cars sold. Of that had 314.491 A diesel engine. In April 2021, plug-in hybrids and electric cars were set in total for the first time before the self-religious. This trend stops.

Daimler boss kallenius: less workplaces after switching to electric

The transformation of the car manufacturer Daimler from internal combustion engines towards the electromobility will cost the Stuttgart Group after the drawing of his chief Ola Kallenius workstation. "You also have to be honest with the people: the assembly of an internal combustion engine brings more work as the construction of an electrician", said Kallenius the World on Sunday. "Even if we have been building the complete electric powertrain itself, we will end the decade of fewer people." But there are also new, high-quality jobs in the course of the changeover.

Daimler had recently set up significantly more ambitious goals for the breakthrough of his own e-fleet and for the car trunk brand Mercedes-Benz in the core also the early farewell beyond the internal combustion engine. Under the guiding term "Electric Only" The whole Mercedes business should be designed for electric driving. Already in 2025, the Swabians want to achieve around 50 percent of their new sales with fully electric or plug-in cars – twice as much as planned.

No alternative to the battery electric drive

There is no alternative to the battery electric drive after the Daimler works council. "You can not swim against the current when the whole world is pushing the battery electric drive", said employee representative Michael Brecht. However, there are also doubts in the workforce at the pure electrical price of the Group and the upcoming from the internal combustion engine. "Some colleagues still believe that we could continue for a while."

Electric cars: consumer center reminds operator of charging stations

Because customers can not sufficiently see how much they cost electricity-car-based electricity, the Consumer Center Bundesverband (VZBV) has warned the operator of charging stations. He raises them to have violated due to intransparent cost design against the price reference regulation.

The provider "Digital Charging Solutions" and "Plugsurfing" Had the current refueling billed after time, the VZBV announced. Consumer protections see in it a violation of the price relevance, which requires a kilowatt hour as a quantity unit for the working price.

Compare prices not possible

A price paid after time is not a relation to the delivered amount of energy, the VZBV says. The charging time depends, among other things, from the dispensing power of the charging panels, the state of charge and the capacitance of the batteries in the electric vehicles and from the AUB temperature. If billed after time, customers did not know how much they have to pay for a kilowatt hour of electricity; Also they could not compare prices. A third, charging current provider not renamed by VZBV was warned because customers have to pay for him different prices without the cause of it being apparent.

Electric cars: which county has the best loading net?

The Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) wants to irritate municipalities to create more loading facilities for electric cars. He has set up a shop ranking with two ratings. It should "The attractiveness for the change to e-mobitat and the density of the publicly access network for E cars", as the VDA expresses it.

In the attractiveness value, the district wins rain. There is a public E-loading point available for 310 cars. Front are also Wolfsburg (358), Passau (403), Landau in the Palatinate (418) and Regensburg (434). Lights are Celle with 9947 approved cars to an e-loading point, the Prignitz with 15.188 and the city of Krefeld, in almost 24.000 cars come to a publicly accessible e-loading point.

How many e-cars share a charging point

With the division value, how many approved E cars must be shared a public charge point. Here, too, the district of rain wins with 1.9 E-cars per beneficial charging point, followed by the district of Freyung-Grafenau (2.8,) of the city Salzgitter (3), the KyfFhauserkreis (3.2) and the Uckermark (3, 3). At the last burst, Kassel (68), Weimar (69), Wuppertal (78), Stuttgart (88) and Krefeld (199).

Nearly 500.000 vehicles: tesla sets up new delivery record

The electric car manufacturer Tesla communicated to Twitter, in 2020 a total of 499.550 vehicles sold to have. Thus, despite the effects of corona on production, the company remained just under its own target of 500.000 vehicles.

Previous record exercised

Elon Musk had called his employees again shortly before the end of the year to the final spurt. Obviously with success: in the last quarter of the year 2020, the manufacturer according to own information with a paragraph of 180.570 vehicles the previous record value of almost 140.000 From the third quarter again clearly surpassed.

Musk looked really satisfied on Twitter and spoke of a "significant milestone."In the first time of the company, he himself had hardly a survival opportunity of 10 percent.

Process against early audi boss stadler starts in autumn

The district court of Munchen has approved the charge against the Fruheren Audi boss Rupert Stadler due to fraud in the exhaust fighters. The process against Stadler and three co-defendants should be on 30. September 2020 start how the court announced on Monday.

Stadler denies co-seek

The prosecutor is throwing you "Fraud, indirect misconception and punishable advertising" before. Stadler had spated at the end of September 2015 from exhaust gas fraud at Audi diesel engines, but not prevents the sale of the cars, the reproach against him is. Stadler has always disputed a co-research or even participation in manipulation. After years of investigation, the prosecutor’s office had submitted an approximately 400 pages of an indication of 7000 pages at the end of July 2019.

Stadler was Audi boss from 2007 to 2018. Due to darkening danger, he had been arrested in June 2018 and had sitting in august for four months in Augsburg. He has always denied a co-research or even participation in the fraud. The three managers and engineers defended together with Stadler should have developed diesel engines with an illegal exhaust aftertreatment at Audi from 2008. For this, the – not forbidden – test detection was used in order to manipulate exhaust values. On the track Kamdie’s investigator Volkswagen, because the exhaust gas values determined on the prudent on the strain under no circumstances.