Apple offnet all shop in the usa

For the first time since Marz 2020, Apple reaffirmed all 270 of his shops in the United States of America. The Group does this despite the fact that there are still high coronavirus incidences in the country in some states. The currently running in the United States against COVID-19 is significantly more successful than those in many European countries – including Germany – a vaccination of the population is far from being reached.

Partly only with quick sale

The iPhone manufacturer does not lead to the retail stores in his home "Business as usual" by. Instead, there are still restrictions in many regions, which drove, for example, that only shopping via Click Collect and services (the apples "Genius Bar" are completed) are possible. For this purpose, conversions were carried out in the stores to better disconnect customers. Nevertheless, at no time before the last spring year all 270 loading in the US were open, like 9TO5MAC reported.

Apple has its own system

Apple had his shop in the US at 1. Marz 2020 Closed for the first time due to the coronavirus pandemic. Rehearsals were made from the 11. May – under often strict hygiene pads. The summer stores were then partially closed again and later soffnet – partly even several times. The Group uses its own corona warning system. The last shop, which recording the business business in the current period, were in Texas – more precisely in the regions Houston, Dallas and San Antonio. There was opened on Monday.

With a promotion, Apple wants to continue to boost the business in the educational market for the nearby winter semester 2020/21. When buying a Mac or iPad together with AirPods, the manufacturer has a promotion discount in a high of 174.45 euros. This covers the Apple Prize of the Base Model of True Wireless Earhorer (AirPods 2 with Lade Case) complete, if a more expensive variant like AirPods Pro is required.

Promotion for Mac or iPad purchase

Apple: free airpods for students when buying mac or ipad

For the first time, Apple Airpods uses the promotion for the promotion.

The offer is only aimed at university students whose parents and employees of educational institutions in Germany. It applies to the purchase of a MacBook Pro, MacBook Air 2020, iMac or IMAC Pro and is closing all configurations (Configure to Order, CTO). Mac Mini and Mac Pro remain excluded from the action, as well as the MacBook Air 2019, which Apple still leads for the educational market in the portfolio. With the iPad purchase, there is the AirPods action discount only when purchasing an iPad Pro or iPad Air.

The purchase of the equipment can be done in the Apple Store Education or a shop of the Group, for students there are discounts there on Macs and iPads. Apple Pencil and Keyboard are also too "Educational prices" offered, so the company. On the optional additional insurance Apple Care +, students also receive 20 percent discount. The student status must be proven in online orders on the provider unidays, also a certificate is required on site. The promotion runs from 9. July to 29. October 2020.

Imac supposedly received a new design soon

New iMacs are allegedly before the door: To the developer conference WWDC, Apple will show a report a new housing design for the all-in-one models, which is based on the design language of the current iPad Pro, as well as a dunner screen border, ashesic the Pro Display xdr.

iMac design a decade old

An update of the iMac series is quite fally, it was last updated in Marz 2019 with more powerful components. The iMac design has now been unnecessary for eight years, the front view has already renewed Apple no longer renewed for a decade – it acts obsolete.

The new IMACS seems to be right for fast SSDs for the first time: Apple will be from the new models that "Fusion Drive" throw out as the leader Sonny Dickson writes. The Fusion Drive – a combination of small SSD and coarse, but slow hard drive – is currently in many iMac models the standard drive, even in the 5K-iMac for 2600 euros. A pure SSD is only available for an extra charge, same-handed upgrading is not intended and can only be carried out with newer models with significant effort (see also SSD in the iMac re-redeemed). In addition, Apple will bring its safety chip T2 into the iMacs, which at the same time serves as a SSD controller.

Market researchers: strong growth in mac selling

After jerking in 2019, the Mac is back on growth course. After drawing up market researchers, Apple has been able to show the strongest growth among the FUF-Alti PC manufacturers worldwide in 2020: The Mac Sells presented the figures of the market research firm IDC in the backward year by a good 29 percent, according to Gartner by 22.5 percent. Companies ame that Apple 2020 could sell around 22.5 to 23 million Macs and now has a market share of 7.6 or 8.2 percent.

Corona pandemic ensures PC demand

Overall, the PC market recorded the strongest growth of the past 10 years, mainly driven by the Corona Pandemic. Homeschooling and HomeOffice, especially at Apple, caused an increased demand as the Group communicated even last year – also iPads could benefit from it. Already from July to September 2020, Apple recorded a new record with a Mac sales of $ 9 billion with Intel Macs. Apple itself does not call stucco more now.

The manufacturer of the manufacturer after consultation of the market researchers, however, was then recorded in the example of the fourth quarter in which the first arm Macs were introduced: According to Gartner, the MAC sales took place at the end of the year compared to the same quarter of the previous year around 31 percent, the estimates of IDC According to even 49 percent.

Bytedance: participation in mobile games manufacturers cmge should strongly

Bytedance, the Chinese parent of the short video platform Tiktok, wants to take over the entire 27.6 percent of the shares of the China Mobile Games and Entertainment Group (CMGE) by Fairman Ridge Investment. As Reuters For teached circles, the Deal Bytedance should give a further lucrative business pillar, because the Covid-19 crisis has attracted the market with mobile games.

Fairman Ridge Investment is controlled by the CMGE chairman Xiao Jian and his deputy Sin Hendrick. Both hold a share of 27.6 percent of CMGE and are thus the big shareholders. The market capitalization of CMGE is to be $ 997 million, it is called Reuters Further. The BYTEDANCE-going share could therefore be worth around $ 275 million.

Currently, the negotiations are still running. According to insiders, ByteDance should have submitted an offer between 4 and 5 Hong Kongdollar, about 52 to 64 US cent. The situation between 30 percent and 60 percent of the course of Monday, which was about 3.08 Hong Kongdollar.

Ios and mac apps: data protection identification soon duty

Apple implements the planned privacy mark for iPhone, iPad and Mac apps: from the 8. December the App Store leads detailed information about which user and device data an app raises and for what purpose the collection takes place. The information should be prepared in a lightly lack of form to make users quick overview before the download.

Data protection data from 8. December mandatory

Developers have to meet the information for themselves and convey to Apple. From the 8. December 2020 is the required for new apps and app updates, as Apple announced in a newsletter to App providers. If the information is missing, the apps or updates were not allowed to be approved for the App Store – for iPhones and iPads is the only way to distribute software. Already in the App Store receiving apps remain available without privacy marking for download, the Group notices.

The providers of apps must pay attention to the correctness and update of the information, as Apple already emphasized in advance. To what extent the data is checked, remains open for the time being. Developers have to build which data the app collects each and also capture data accesses by means of an embedded code of third parties – such as SDKS, analysis and advertising tools, such as the online advertising sizes Facebook and Google deploy.

Smart home: apple integrates mesh network protocol thread

Apple HomeKit becomes mesh-fahig: With the HomePod Mini, the manufacturer will bring a first device with thread support this week with thread support. The small execution of the speaker is not only one "Home Hub", About the homeKit device in its own house can also be driven from on the way, it serves at the same time as "Border router" For thread – it binds the mesh network to the Augenwelt to automate, group and control the so crosslinked devices, and to control the SIRI voice command or home app.

HomeKit over thread at Eve and Nanoleaf

However, the HomePod Mini supports only threads that also speak the HomeKit protocol, as Apple previously announced. With Eve and Nanoleaf, first third-party manufacturers have placed compatible products.

Eve still wants to equip its window and turbocular sensors (EVE door Windows) in November by firmware update as well as the networked socket EVE ENERGY (EU execution) with thread support. For further devices, thread updates should follow, including the heating corperthermostate EVE Thermo. The updates will only give it forgerate from year of construction 2020, as Eve announced, only these have been the chipset needed for thread support.

Gates foundation buy powerful apple shares

The Foundation of Microsoft-Grunder Bill Gates and his wife Melinda has built a participation in Apple in the first quarter of 2020. The Financial Administration of the Bill Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF), which operates independently of the Foundation, bought according to documents to the American Borsenaufeich u.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) went a total of 501 in the three months.044 shares of the iPhone manufacturer.

Share of 160 million US dollars

At the current share price, the position of the BMGF is not fully worth 160 million US dollars. Apple’s entire market capitalization was 1.37 trillion dollars on Tuesday evening. The Foundation, which is mainly awesome about health ies, could have already crashed paper gains depending on the number of purchase. Currently, the Apple share reorientes its all-time high from February after being stunted due to the Corona crisis.

The Gates Foundation is intended to be the largest private foundation in the world and has an investment migration in a high level of $ 40 billion. Gates and his wife emphasize, "impatient optimists" to be whose goal is to reduce global inequality. The BMGF currently participates in the fight against the coronavirus.

Epic boss: do not want 'special deal' from apple'special deal' von apple'special deal' von apple

The heavy conflict between Apple and Epic Games around App Store commissions was allowed to smolder a whole while. The possibility that Apple is the "Fortnite"-Producers admitted a special contract so that he returns to the iOS portfolio, Epic-Boss Tim Sweeney explicitly excluded on Twitter.

Billions against trillion company?

In a thread of Friday he wrote, in the dispute it does not go that one "Billionen dollar company with a trillion dollar company fighting money". According to Sweeney, the fight is not entailed in it that Epic has one "Special Deal" wool. "It’s about basic freedoms of all consumers and developers."

Interestingly, Apple had such "Special Deals" already owned in the past. This is known by Amazon’s Prime Video Service. Apple himself emphasizes, in contrast, that all Developers are the same in the App Store. Apple "a set of rules for all, no special director, no special conditions, no special code, everything concerns all developers the same", explained App Store Boss Phil Schiller at the end of July.

Pride: new armbander for the apple watch

New Apple products at the beginning of the week: In addition to the envision of an improved Apple Music Streaming Service with free Lossless and 3D audio support, the iPhone Group has also launched new accessories on the market this week..

Fits the Idahobit Day

These concern the computer clock Apple Watch – more precisely: whose Armbander. Shortly before the official LGBTQ + -Pride month June, the Group announced two new Armbander for the SmartWatch, which "Support diversitat of the movement and celebrate" target. The Group regularly launches new variants on the market, which responds to the estimated rainbow design of the LGBTQ + flag. This year, the international day against Homo, Bi-, Inter- and Transphobia (Idahobit), which was committed on Monday, became an opportunity.

The new "Pride Edition"-Armbander are a seamless braided solo loop made of braided plastic for the price of 99 euros, in advance the rough elections, as well as a Nike sports loop also in plastic that comes first in rainbow colors with women’s base color. The latter can easily be adjusted in its coarse and costs 49 euros.