Chrome adapted for arm macs, but crashes

Google this week released Chrome 87, the first native application for Apple’s M1 chips ("Apple Silicon") customized version of its browser published. With it the work is to go again somewhat more briskly, because Apple’s x86-ubersetzungsengine Rosetta 2 is no longer necessary. However, it now turns out that the search engine giant did not test adequately: Users with ARM Macs report comprehensible crashes, which Google has now also acknowledged. This happened "unexpected" in operation.

Exactly how the error occurred remained unclear at first. Apple had been providing developers with their own Developer Transition Kits (DTKs) since the summer, with which code could be extensively tested; as of this week, the Intel Macs are now officially on the market. However, the M1 Chrome browser is currently so unstable that it is difficult to run it continuously. Google therefore calls a radical workaround: users should at best return to the Intel version of Chrome 87. This is done via the Chrome download page, if you click there on "Mac with Intel chip" click.

Fix "soon" available

Alternatively, affected users can first try to enable Bluetooth support for Chrome 87 on their M1 Mac; apparently the crash bug has something to do with it. To do this, users should go to the system settings under "Privacy" Mark Chrome as Bluetooth-accessible and restart the browser. However, not all users were allowed to want that – also for privacy reasons. As Chrome support manager Craig Tumblison further writes, the Chrome team has already "a bug fix identified" and will "soon" make available.

Tim cook: more innovation at apple was never

For Apple it is good. This occupies about the youngest quarter numbers, which were never better despite Corona crisis. In terms of innovative power, the Apple Group Chief Tim Cook also looks at its company in the front – more precisely: so far ahead like never. That’s exactly what the CEO said in an interview enabled by the PR department of the company with a Chinese student on the local short news platform Weibo.

"Screaming" M1 macs

In the conversation with He Shijie, who is in the final year at the Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Cook said, 2020 was for Apple "Top year of innovation overhead" been. Thus, among other things, he meant the change to Arm Macs, the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro as well as the small-scale products such as the new iPads or the new Apple-Watch models.

The iPhone 12 is about "incredible", so cook. In the performance of the M1 Macs trap the people "the chin finish down", So that actually considered introverted Apple Boss in flowery words. The M1 Macs "Screech, so fast are the". Cook stressed, Apple has one "Cultivation of creativity and cooperation".

Report: magnetic battery pack for the iphone 12 comes

Apple is planning to expand the Magsafe charging system to expand a battery pack. The accessory can be magnetically attached to the iPhone 12 and charged this inductive to make a long-way battery life on the go, such as the Financial News Agency Bloomberg Calling on informed persons.

Magnetic battery pack, but no hull

Similar to the Smart Battery Case for Alter iphone model series, prototypes of the Magsafe battery are also putting on a feminet, rubberized coating, writes Bloomberg. In contrast to the loading case, Apple’s new additional battery is not a real hull, he should obviously sitting like the credit card holder just magnetically on the back side. When using a Magsafe compatible Hulle, the battery pack was probably also allowed to attach piggyback.

For internal tests, the magnet system had proven to be powerful enough to keep the load accessory in the right position, it is called in the report. Apple fights but still with software problems, the iPhone shows, for example, mistakenly that the extra battery is superabeated. Also the change between an iPhone with and without hull drove still to problems.

Video with tim cook: apple advertises in europe for privacy functions

Apple has published a new video for the EU and Great Britain, in which the Group adapts the functions implemented in the next iPhone operating system for privacy protection. The simple with "Privacy" Covered nearly six minutes long film is initiated by COOK Tim Cook, Lifter Apple employees report to speak, including SoftwareBoss Craig Federighi.

In the right time

Apple obviously aims to take some prere from the boiler, which has built up in the United Konigreich against the Group and the EU Commission in Brussel. One of Apple’s most important arguments against a regulation of the App Store (or the release of other software shops on the iPhone) is that the data protection and the privacy of the users can best ensure themselves.

"Our users in Europe"

Apple Boss Cook stresses right at the beginning in the video that for Apple "Privacy a fundamental human right" may be. Man "ruthlessly" that, this "In everything we do" incorporate. It is a basic element of any design of products and services, "which we carry into the world", so cook pathetic. "Other" Had the customer made a product and collected more and more personal data. "Our lens is focused on technology that can work for people." The protection of the privacy is "a priority for our users in Europe and around the world".

Petition: users want apple 'charlie brown' carry'charlie brown' entreiben'charlie brown' entreiben

Apple has to expect a unusual corner with counterwind: fans of the classic cartoon series "peanuts" from Charles M. School. Their rights has secured the iPhone producer exclusively for its streaming service TV + exclusively for its streaming service. Since then, the popular specials run with Charlie Brown, Snoopy Co. no longer in American television, as was the case for a good 50 years.

Almost 200.000 signator

A group of "peanuts"-Fans therefore has a petition on Change.Org placed and within 185 within a few days.000 signator found. They require Wildbrain Studios, the current rights owner, the characters back into linear television ("Broadcast TV") pick up. "We were shocked and topped that Apple has moved us the football." Concretely meant was the famous "peanuts"-Thanksgiving Special, this year only on Apple TV + can be seen. The service costs 5 euros a month.

The rough spa only at Apple

Apple has next Specials – some classic, some new – for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Halloween, Mother’s Day, Earth Day and New Year’s Day also the new one "Snoopy show" acquired by Wildbrain. "Snoopy in Space" is already available at Apple TV +. "It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown", The famous Thanksgiving Special, which has gross cultural importance in the US, is since 19. October for subscribers. After all, Apple plans, the show of 30. October to 1. To offer November for free.

Apple's ex-design chief jony ive gets job from airbnb's ex-design chief jony ive gets order from airbnb

Apple’s former chief design officer, Jonathan “Jony” Ive, has hit the headlines with a new project. His 2019 company LoveFrom has landed its first rough client: travel and apartment rental platform Airbnb.

Multi-year collaboration

The announcement, made Thursday night and posted by Airbnb boss Brian Chesky on the company’s blog, largely left open what Ive and his design firm are actually expected to do for Airbnb.

But it is about a collaboration that lasted several years “in the development of new products and services”, says the blog entry. Ive also said he will help build Airbnb’s own design team. So it’s not a matter of completely outsourcing the function. Chesky emphasized that he and Ive have been “good friends for many years” and he has provided him with ideas and advice before. Ive believed Airbnb’s internal design team is one of the “one of the best in the world”. Airbnb also has another project that Ive been able to help with: Under the code name “Backyard” Airbnb experiments with ideas for its own homes designed specifically for renting out.

Airtags: apple's uwb tracker finally in the approach's UWB Tracker finally in the approach

For many months, there are serious speculations that Apple is planning its own Bluetooth tracker with Ultra-Wideband Functionalitat (UWB). Already in the fall of 2019, appropriate information from analysts as well as in the code of iOS 13 had appeared. The Tile Competitor, the general under the name “Airtag” Read, but has not yet been introduced. Now the broken cute firmly believes that it in October at the “iPhone 12”-Keynote finally is that way.

Actually planned earlier

Last reported the Japanese Apple blog Macotakara, that in the past already lovely lay correctly, a sales start for the second half last month. That had communicated Chinese supply chain circles. Allegedly, the AIRTAGs have been planned with the iPhone SE 2020 for this year of year, but it was probably due to the Corona crisis – delays.

UWB makes tracking more accurate

The Apple has now apparently final overwounds. The tags, which are apparently circular, should have more functions than competitive models such as that of Tile. Apple implements next to the standard log Bluetooth Le also said UWB technology. This allows a more accurate to find in an apartment down in the centimeter area. Corresponding hardware requirements are already inserted in individual iPhone models such as the 11 Pro. AIRTAGS are then attached to a purse, a bike or other object that tends to be lost.

Action camera gopro becomes the webcam

The US camera manufacturer Gopro builds the functions of his action cameras: Users can use their GoPro in conjunction with a desktop computer as a webcam for videoconferencing and live streaming.

The coarse image angle and the possibility of positioning the gopro flexibly, it should allow videoconferencing away from the desk, so the manufacturer.

Mac version as beta, Windows support in work

For the time being, this only works in interaction with a Mac: The GoPro Webcam Beta is in a first pre-release for MacOS, a Windows version is still in development. Also on the GoPro camera, a beta firmware must be installed to get the new webcam function, here is only the HERO 8 black is supported so far. "Possible future models" should also serve as a webcam. After the update, the camera must be connected to the Mac via USB and then serves as 1080P or 720P webcam. A wireless connection is not possible.

New imac allegedly with 'giant screen''riesenbildschirm''riesenbildschirm'

While Mobile Macs and Mac Mini have already been rusted on ARM processors, Apple’s all-in-one flagship, the iMac, still has a corresponding update. Of course already seems that the group finally plans a new design. A well-known leader now reports that another display coarse is planned.

iMac becomes "really rough"

The Twitter account @ L0Vetodream, who laged in the past with Apple-friend felligable, claim the screen of the new iMac "Really rough, coarse than the biggest [previously]". Accordingly, Apple was able to go for the first time over the previous maximum diagonal of 27 inches. Apple’s Pro Display XDR, which is considered a possible design model for the new iMac, comes with 32 inches. Accordingly, it is conceivable that Apple is eligible for this format – or slightly below to get its professional screen for 5500 euros not too close.

iMac unmistakable since 2007

The IMAC has not changed its basic look quasi since 2007 – at that time the aluminum look for the all-in-one machine came on the market for the first time. This design was handled in 2009 with a unibody housing and then designed a little dunner from 2012. 2014 or 2015 then came a high explosive screen ("retina") Add (4k and 5k). In the meantime, Apple repeatedly delivered new processors and graphics chips and improved smaller functions.

Ios 15: no savings bank banking with public beta possible

Sparkassen customers should make an arc at iOS 15 for the time being: in the public beta version of the operating system provided by Apple, the Sparkassen app no longer works, it stems on iPhones and iPads according to the opening immediately, as readers report. Although a dodge on the browser is possible, but under circumstances no TANS can be obtained in order to carry out about transfers: also the Pushan app of the savings bank is not functional in iOS 15, either.

No error collection scheduled Public Beta planned

The fact that banking apps in beta versions of the operating system are not unusual: In the past year, about the comdirect app Mitsamtotan denied the service – but the mistake has been fixed. The savings bank is apparently planced no early bugfix, supporting beta versions "Not for safety reasons", it is called there. An update should only follow the official release of iOS 15 in autumn. Which safety concerns exist, remains unclear.

From function loss under iOS 15, only the Sparkassen app and the PushTan app are affected, which are developed by Star Financial. The app offered by the Sparkasse "S-ID check", The one from another developer is also under IOS 15. Star Financial shared demand only with pre-versions of operating systems were not supported, the apps should only be used with the final release. iOS 15 was allowed to appear in September, the Public Beta has been consulted since the end of June.