Tim cook: more innovation at apple was never

Tim cook: more innovation at apple was never

For Apple it is good. This occupies about the youngest quarter numbers, which were never better despite Corona crisis. In terms of innovative power, the Apple Group Chief Tim Cook also looks at its company in the front – more precisely: so far ahead like never. That’s exactly what the CEO said in an interview enabled by the PR department of the company with a Chinese student on the local short news platform Weibo.

"Screaming" M1 macs

In the conversation with He Shijie, who is in the final year at the Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Cook said, 2020 was for Apple "Top year of innovation overhead" been. Thus, among other things, he meant the change to Arm Macs, the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro as well as the small-scale products such as the new iPads or the new Apple-Watch models.

The iPhone 12 is about "incredible", so cook. In the performance of the M1 Macs trap the people "the chin finish down", So that actually considered introverted Apple Boss in flowery words. The M1 Macs "Screech, so fast are the". Cook stressed, Apple has one "Cultivation of creativity and cooperation".

"One plus one is more than two"

If these two things came together developed this "enormous innovation". The staff looked "on the world each otherwise" and came from different backgrounds. "Some come from the hardware area, some from the software. Some from the service sector. Some are musicians and artists." One plus one is with Apple "More and more than two" been.

In the conversation with the Chinese student, Cook also emphasized its many trips to China, the fact how important 5g in the iPhone 12 is the market ("China is so far in terms of 5G cover") And that the night mode in iOS "inspired by China" may be. Man Hore exactly on the Feedbac Chinese customer, so Cook. Man designed his products "for each", to it "we really work hard".Political topics remain in the interview AUBEN.

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