Right-wing extremist chat groups: 29 policemen under suspicion

Right-wing extremist chat groups: 29 policemen under suspicion

For FUF-revised right-wing extremist chat groups in North Rhine-Westphalia, 29 police officers should have been involved. The Minister of Interior Herbert Reul (CDU) said Wednesday in Dusseldorf. All had been suspended in the morning and were initiated against all disciplinary recordings. 14 officials should be removed from the service. According to Reule, 25 civil servants to the police prose. Overall, there were 14 raids against police officers on Wednesday 14 raids.

Special representative should be checked

The minister talked to the press conference of "a shame for the police". In the groups, 126 image files have been distributed, including photos of Adolf Hitler, but also for example the fictitious representation of a flight of escape in a gas chamber. One of the chat groups was probably founded in 2013, spat in May 2015.

In addition to the 14 searches, the incurred 15 accused officials were delivered according to Reul disciplinary fragments. He ordered a special inspection for the mainly affected police prose. In addition, he will appoint a Special Representative for right-wing extremist tendencies in the North Rhine-Westfal police. He will do everything in his powerful Dafur, "to remove these people from the service", said Reul. According to Michael Fruit, Head of the State Office for Training of Police in NRW (LAFP), all 29 officials were suspended.

No single trap

REUL goes off further traps and said, "I can not speak of individual times today". So far you have had a cell phone before that you have come to the now accused. In the raids in the morning, other mobile phones have been confiscated. Probably one will find evidence of further chat participants through their evaluation. The origin mobile phone belongs according to the investigator to a 32-year-old official of the police food private. He was actually daily to have passed on service secrets to a journalist. During the evaluation, the right-wing extremist photos were found.

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