Diesel scandal: former audi chef stadler in court

Diesel scandal: former audi chef stadler in court

Rupert Stadler comes in a gray Mercedes to the Audi process. It is a symbolic picture: He is no longer the Audi boss, in whose time the brand sales success celebrated and several years more cars sold as Mercedes-Benz. In between are the diesel scandal, a multi-month detention and stadler outward throw.

The hall in which the district court of Munchen begins on Wednesday, to negotiate the fraud race against Stadler and three co-defendants, the 57-year-old demonstratively relaxes relaxed. In the hall in the Prison Stadelheim Stadelheim is about much. Legally "Fraud, indirect misconception and punishable advertising" – So the prosecutor has already been communicated in summer. Theoretically, the defendants threaten to a conviction of up to ten years of prison.


And it’s about the workup of the diesel scandal. Even before the prosecutor can begin to read more than 90 pages comprehensive indictment, the legal plank begins: Stadler’s defender is a request for information. He wants to know if from the district of the judges, father and spheres of someone or his partner since 2009 cars have driven cars developed by Audi developed engines. Background is a possible bias.

The process will last for a long time. By the end of 2022, the court has already set appointments. The attention is focused on Wednesday, especially on Stadler, while he is among the four defendants of the one who is least charged to the burden. For him, the premieges begin at the end of September 2015 – after the drying of the diesel scandal. According to the public prosecutor, he should have been spat after the detection of the scandal in the US in September 2015 by the manipulated Audi engines. Nevertheless, he has initiated that they continue to be sold – or not prevented the sale. It’s about 120 with him.000 cars and a damage that the prosecutor’s office estimates with around 28 million euros. Stadler has denied a neglect or even participation in diesel manipulations. His statement is expected in the course of the process on a later day of negotiation.

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