Development environment: qt creator 5.0 builds applications in the docker container

Development environment: qt creator 5.0 builds applications in the docker container

Two months after the last 4.X version is now the first beta of QT Creator 5.0 appeared. The release of the development environment tailored to the C ++ development brings with the connection to docker and the interaction with clangd as a backend for C / C ++ two innovations, which are first marked as experimental.

After the 4 Series of IDE pays for five years, the version jump should be 5.x not the last for this year, since in winter already QT Creator 6.0 is planned. Background is the conversion to Semantic Version (Semver) in the context of the roadmap for 2021. The current release is on the fresh version 6 published fresh as a beta.2 of the Qt Framework designed.

Language model and work in the container

In the medium term, Clangd as a Language Server in conjunction with the Language Server Protocol (LSP) should take code understatement and thus replace the previous LiblClang-based approach. QT Creator 5.0 offers a first implementation, which, however, is currently marked as experimentally and is not fully implemented. So far, the car resistance is still missing, and for some functions a development build of clangd is required. Who liked clangd as a language server, must first use use clangd under Tools | Options | C ++ | Activate Clangd.

The connection to docker is still the QT blog "very experimentally" and currently works for lively on Linux hosts with CMAKE as a build system. In order for the IDE applications to create and export applications in Docker containers, it must first be the experimental plug-in under Help | Activate About Plugins. Achieving a docker device can be created in the Device Settings and selecting as a build device.

Extensions beyond the beta of QT Creator 5.0, among other things related to QML (QT Modeling Language), can be found in the QT blog. The open source variant can be found next to the beta of QT 6.2 in the QT download portal under Pre-Releases. Commercial customers find the youngest version on their account page.

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