Despite record penalty: google shopping continues to discriminate competitors

Despite record penalty: google shopping continues to discriminate competitors

The search results for shopping on Google still usually drove directly to providers and disadvantages thereby competitors offering price comparisons. This resulted in a study of business consultancy Lademann Associates. Google had already received a record penalty for about three years ago because of the handling of such competitors.

Less than one percent of the traffic was directed by Google to a shopping page as Idealo or Kelkoo, the Financial Times writes about the investigation. 10.5 billion clicks of 25 competitors have been viewed.

Litigation leads to cleavage

Three years ago, Google had praised after a litigation – and paid a € 2.42 billion of competition that the EU Commission had filed. The shopping area has been offset from alphabet as a subsidiary of Alphabet. Since then, this should offer equally mammals with competitors around the ad places. "We give the shopping comparison services the same possibility to display product displays of handlers on Google search pages like Google Shopping", struck it. Competitors immediately criticized that it would be about paying the places and they are not free. The search engine service countered, the Commission urged that all are treated equally, which is the same with this procedure.

The accusation of the current examination is now, however, that further comparison pages of worse standing and handler were preferred. Products of handlers running over Idealo and Co. In addition, nothing has changed at the general Google search, which is also crucial for the reach and thus the competition. And the EU Commissioner Margrethe Vestager is said to have said last November that the competitive workers have little improvement on Google See.

The Group replies that the study was neglected, as the shopping behavior of users influence influence. "The remedy has been working successfully for three years" and have gained around 600 shopping services billions of clicks.

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