Chrome adapted for arm macs, but crashes

Chrome adapted for arm macs, but crashes

Google this week released Chrome 87, the first native application for Apple’s M1 chips ("Apple Silicon") customized version of its browser published. With it the work is to go again somewhat more briskly, because Apple’s x86-ubersetzungsengine Rosetta 2 is no longer necessary. However, it now turns out that the search engine giant did not test adequately: Users with ARM Macs report comprehensible crashes, which Google has now also acknowledged. This happened "unexpected" in operation.

Exactly how the error occurred remained unclear at first. Apple had been providing developers with their own Developer Transition Kits (DTKs) since the summer, with which code could be extensively tested; as of this week, the Intel Macs are now officially on the market. However, the M1 Chrome browser is currently so unstable that it is difficult to run it continuously. Google therefore calls a radical workaround: users should at best return to the Intel version of Chrome 87. This is done via the Chrome download page, if you click there on "Mac with Intel chip" click.

Fix "soon" available

Alternatively, affected users can first try to enable Bluetooth support for Chrome 87 on their M1 Mac; apparently the crash bug has something to do with it. To do this, users should go to the system settings under "Privacy" Mark Chrome as Bluetooth-accessible and restart the browser. However, not all users were allowed to want that – also for privacy reasons. As Chrome support manager Craig Tumblison further writes, the Chrome team has already "a bug fix identified" and will "soon" make available.

Chrome 87 is also coming to the Mac with a number of new features. This includes a new icon adapted to macOS 11 aka Big Sur, various internal optimizations that promises a 25 percent faster startup and 7 percent faster page loads, as well as a lower memory load. Chrome is considered a real RAM guzzler on the Mac. In addition, Chrome 87 contains various security fixes. There are said to be more than 33.

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