Chef of the manned nasa space should have informed boeing unlauter

Chef of the manned nasa space should have informed boeing unlauter

In mid-May, Douglas Loverro, until then head of the manned space travel of NASA, resigned surprisingly. The time was Brisant: in the following week he had to celebrate with the resumption of astronauts of US floor from the big success of his NASA career. Now it became known why Loverro had to go: he should have attached Boeing internal information for an ongoing tender.

Several companies, including Boeing, had applied for a coarse order of NASA for Mondlandevehikel. Finally, Donald Trump wants the US to be in his every 2. Pay back to the moon. But Boeing tried to renew already submitted documents after expired deadline. Because the request for Boeings strikingly concerned a NASA-internal discussion, the alarm bells shrill in the room ride agency.

The suspicion of Boeing has obtained insider information from NASA and try to exploit this, solve an investigation of the NASA Court of Auditors. As the Washington Post reported, the track leaded to a conversation between Loverro and Boeings Space Chief Jim Chilton. Then Loverro, NASA’s head of manned space travel, was forced to jerk just before the first US start.

Boeing went empty

The man got his mistake. He wanted to accelerate the moonland program Artemis, Loverro offered in May as an explanation of his behavior. The still ongoing examination should be clear, among other things, whether the information transfer was unlawful. For the procurement itself, Loverro was not stateful according to NASA.

Approximately Being, the question to be clear is unlawful if the attempt to exploit the information was unlawful. The bidding competition has not won Boeing. The well-used order worth 579 million US dollars was sent to a consortium at the end of April at Jeff Bezos company Blue Origin. Competitor Dynetics Received a contract of 253 million dollars, Spacex wave $ 135 million dollars. The contracting is going to February. After that, the NASA will decide which or which the company continues the project.

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