Bettercode () php 8: only one week ago frubbucherrabatt

Bettercode () php 8: only one week ago frubbucherrabatt

For the 26. November 2020 is the publication of the eighth main version of PHP planned. heise developer Takes this on the occasion and organizes this day in cooperation with the experts of ThePhp.CC and the creators of the PHP.Ruhr conference The BetterCode () PHP 8.

In addition to overview of the innovations of the releases, developers receive detailed insights into the development process of the programming language. Exhibited experts on the basis of practical examples and hand-on-info help in migration to PHP 8.

Tips for the proposed fear migration

The focus is on the question of what the eighth main version of amendments brings and how developers can control the new and implement in the code. One of the most important innovations was allowed to be the Just-In-Time Compiler (JIT), which PHPStorm developer Nikita Popov introduces in a lecture. PHPUnit Schopfer Sebastian Bergmann introduces the more type information in the code that the software should make more robust. The Doctrine Annotation Developer Benjamin Beberli explains how the code with metadata is better mechanically structured. For this he takes the in php 8 new attributes on the basis of some use cases under the magnifying glass.

Arne Blankerts introduces how developers can modernize their infrastructure to benefit from benefits of the new PHP version. Then, Stefan Priebsch shows how to migrate the code accident-free. Sara Golemon, the Release Manager for PHP 8, reports from the inner core of the process of development of PHP, as developers can actively contribute and what is now on the horizon.

Benefit from discounts

Until Friday, the 6. November, participants can do this one-day event for reduced early booking tariff of 129 euros (all prices excl. VAT.) Reserve; Then the regular price of 149 euros is falling. Teams can benefit from group discounts in addition, you can contact the event team for inquiries. Further information and the possibility to sign up can be found on the conference page.

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