Bayern: new software against cybercriminalitat should bring light into the darknet

Bayern: new software against cybercriminalitat should bring light into the darknet

With a new software from the Netherlands, Bayern’s investigators want to bring light into the so-called Darknet and create criminals the craft. Minister of Justice Georg Iron (CSU) and the Dutch research company TNO signed a cooperation agreement on Monday. "The Free State is determined against Cybercrime", said Iron rich. "A digitally crosslinked world offers gross opportunities, but is also vulnerable."

The term Darknet is mostly used for Hidden Services on the service gate, which should provide for extensive anonymity and dependency. There are numerous legal offers such as Facebook or the BBC, which with .ONION URL can be reached – but also criminal marketplaces for trade with drugs, weapons, pictures of child abuse and similar.

What is where to find in the Darknet?

"Technique changes our world rapidly; Criminals quickly recognize new opportunities as they offer the Dark Web", said Tno Director National Security, Krishna Taneja. "In order to counteract these threats, innovations are required."

Who developed by TNO "Dark Web Monitor" Should the investigators of the Central Office Cybercrime Bayern (ZCB) help to obtain a more accurate picture, which is found where in the Darknet and which cross connections exist there. Among other things, the tool for webcrawler technology collects data that can then be indexed and visualized. TNO has been working for years in this area, for example, with police agents such as Interpol.

Bavaria’s Minister of Justice also demanded harder penalties. The possibilities for telecommunications monitoring, online search and traffic data retention had to be approved or extended. The operation of platforms to illegal online trading must be punishable. The ZCB established at the At the beginning of 2015 at the Bamberg General Office, according to Eisenreich with 15 prosecutors and 3 IT specialists, is one of Germany’s largest specialist prosecutors. (MIT material of the dpa/

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