“Who wants to be an astronaut?”: nest tv competition for a flight to the all

Now the US television station Discovery has challenged a competition, in which someone can secure a flight into space. As part of an eight-part television series called "Who Wants to be an astronaut?" a seat in the Axiom Space Mission 2 (AX-2) is to be occupied, which should fly to the ISS for eight days. It will follow the Axiom Mission 1 (AX-1), which is planned in 2022 as the first complete private flight to the outdoor post of humanity. For participation in the "rigorous selection method" full of "Extreme challenges" Can now apply US burger and burger. Selection should then be a jury.

More and more competitions

The Environment of Discovery once again underlines that Spacex’s youngest success is expected that now a new ARA begins in space tourism. More and more private flights are being exploited. The first with technique of Spacex should already take place in a few months, others drove in a few years even down the moon – passenger will also be searched for. Last autumn was called a broadcast called "Space Hero" Already a similar competition for a seat on a space flight. Meanwhile, with Blue Order, another provider smashes the first manned flight always closer and has a seat. Did that Virgin Galactic continues to fight with jerking.

Discovery now cooperates with the space company Axiom, which organizes flights to all. Axiom Space plans for its own business with flights to all, among other things, a habitable module, which is once to be docked to the ISS. At the first flight of the company to the ISS, the former NASA astronaut Michael Lopez-AleGria should fly the wealthy entrepreneur Larry Connor, Mark Pathy and Eytan Stibbe to the ISS. Even before, Spacex wants to push four people in a space capsule of the type Dragon for several days as part of a mission called Inspiration4. The start is currently scheduled for mid-September.

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