Web development: deno 1.5 tree shaking for bundler

Web development: deno 1.5 tree shaking for bundler

Deno, the runtime environment for web development with JavaScript and TypeScript, is in version 1.5 before. The developer team behind Deno puts the focus on stabilization with the current version and fixes some bugs.

The Dead code on the track

The JavaScript runtime environment is a new bundling. For this purpose, the developer team replaces the obsolete Bundling infrastructure through a new bundler based on the type script / JavaScript compiler SWC. Only drove to performance increases.

In addition, Deno Bundle is now supported Tree Shaking, a technique from the JavaScript environment to eliminate so-called Dead code. The integration of Tree Shaking is said to be the Bundling in Deno 1.5 fiftheen times faster than still in version 1.4.

Integration of new interfaces

The update brings three new ones with the web-compatible APIs for interaction with users: Alert, Confirm and Prompt.

  • Alert logs a message to the terminal and then blocks synchronously until the confirmation with ENTER.
  • Confirm calls for users with a message for confirming and then blocks synchronously until the user answers either with Y or N (to signal yes or no).
  • Prompt calls for users to an input and then blocks synchronously until the user has entered the text and printed Enter.

Interested parties can run via Deno Run Https: // Deno.Country / Posts / V1.5 / alert_confirm_prompt.JS. Start a demo of the new feature.

New functions according to REPL review

With the current version of Deno, the developers have handled the Read Eval Print Loop (REPL). This makes new features such as Tab Completion, Code Syntax Highlighting and Top Level Await. The latter allows developers to use the Await Keyword also outside Async functions.

Developers who already use Deno can install the current version over Deno Upgrade. For newcomers there is a guide to installation in the release notes. There, interested parties also receive further information about Deno 1.5.

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