Vw diesel scandal: bgh examines additional damages lawsuits

Vw diesel scandal: bgh examines additional damages lawsuits

In diesel scandal, VW owes exchanged car compulses to highly decorative judgment of principle damages – many detail questions are still unclear. First answers could give it on Tuesday. The Federal Court of Justice (BGH) negotiates two further complaints against the Wolfsburg car manufacturer. Whether there is already a verdict, is open.

The coarse lines are with the Karlsruhe verdict of the BGH of 25. Mai specified. Thereafter, the use of illegal exhaust technology in millions of diesel vehicles was irrelevant. The top civil judges also found that the purchasers have caused damage. Car owners who still argue with VW in court, can bring back their car and claim the money for it. With a restriction: On the purchase price you have to settle the hazard kilometers – lawyers speak of utensils.

The two new traps come from the district court and Higher Regional Court (OLG) Braunschweig. Both female goods were empty there.

Claims for damages

One man had his VW Passat 2014 with around 57.000 kilometers bought on the tacho, the car is around 255.000 kilometers driven. The OLG judges amed that an average Passat 250.Housing 000 kilometers. So the brief has turned the mileage fully. Any claim to VW had done so that the Group must not pay anything more (AZ. VI ZR 354/19)

The second brief had to be able to play the offered software update after the scandal in the fall of 2015. After segregation of the OLG Braunschweig there is therefore no damage to the Volkswagen had to settle. (AZ. VI 367/19)

Customer-friendly judgments of the BGH only help those diesel owners who sued VW and their methods still run. These are a few ten thousand trap. However, the Group has already explored that he does not all pass these processes throughout the end and wants to make individual offers for the plain.

Around 240.000 affected benefited from the model action against Volkswagen, which ended with a comparison. Depending on the model and age of your car, you get between 1350 and 6257 euros.

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