Volocopter shows four-seater air taxi voloconnect

Volocopter shows four-seater air taxi voloconnect

The air taxi developer Volocopter has presented another vertical starter model that will be "Okosystem for urban air mobilety" be added. The Voloconnect should have a coarse range than the multicopter Volocity and suburbs associate with the city.

Voloconnect consists among other things from one "Hybrid lift" and a "Push-design", How it calls volocopter; This is called support flats and two drive designs are combined with six rotors for the up and descent. Thus, up to four passengers are to be electrically on tracks of – with contemporary battery technology – maximum 100 km at a speed of 180 km / h can be requested. The small multicopter Volocity has a range of 35 km with a highest speed of 110 km / h.

For two years in development

The Munchner Volocopter team under the direction of Chefingenieur Sebastian Mores has been working on the aircraft since two years and filed several patents. Scaled prototypes of Voloconnect have already been flown.

From Volocopter to Volocity

Volocopter shows four-seater air taxi voloconnect

In October 2019, the Volocopter flew for the first time over Singapore.

Volocopter, in addition to passenger flyers, also offers drones for load transport. Volocopters Urban Air Mobility called overall concept belonging to the construction of the start and landing sites – Voloports called – as well as integration into the air navigation systems from Stadten. The company works with partners such as Fraport, the operator of the Frankfurt Airport to define the ground and passenger flowers and to vote with the authorities.

Volocopter ames that multicopters are better suited for lower complexity, less noise and more security better for domestic traffic than producing helicopters. The Voloconnect will probably be louder than the Volocity, which is to take it at 30 m distance to 75 dB (A), therefore rather auberorts operate.

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