Video with tim cook: apple advertises in europe for privacy functions

Video with tim cook: apple advertises in europe for privacy functions

Apple has published a new video for the EU and Great Britain, in which the Group adapts the functions implemented in the next iPhone operating system for privacy protection. The simple with "Privacy" Covered nearly six minutes long film is initiated by COOK Tim Cook, Lifter Apple employees report to speak, including SoftwareBoss Craig Federighi.

In the right time

Apple obviously aims to take some prere from the boiler, which has built up in the United Konigreich against the Group and the EU Commission in Brussel. One of Apple’s most important arguments against a regulation of the App Store (or the release of other software shops on the iPhone) is that the data protection and the privacy of the users can best ensure themselves.

"Our users in Europe"

Apple Boss Cook stresses right at the beginning in the video that for Apple "Privacy a fundamental human right" may be. Man "ruthlessly" that, this "In everything we do" incorporate. It is a basic element of any design of products and services, "which we carry into the world", so cook pathetic. "Other" Had the customer made a product and collected more and more personal data. "Our lens is focused on technology that can work for people." The protection of the privacy is "a priority for our users in Europe and around the world".

Privacy functions in the short run

In the further course of the video, the new functions in iOS 15 are explained, which should improve data protection – these parts come from the WWDC-2021 keynote, the introduction was filmed with Tim Cook, on the other hand,. At the features shown, functions against tracking by mail and the web as well as the new App Privacy Report. The latter indicates articles on which data apps access and even, which external servers contact them. Apple also calls the new on-device intelligence for various functions, such as Siris new offline dictation ability.

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