Telefonica germany: strong demand aligns covid delle

Telefonica germany: strong demand aligns covid delle

Telefonica Germany (O2) has been able to keep sales and earnings stable in the third quarter. Although the revenue from mobile and landline contractors increased sharply, but the travel covers because of the coronavirus pandemic print the roaming revenues. Sales increased slightly to 1.87 billion euros. Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and special effects rose by just under one percent to 595 million euros, the company announced on Wednesday.

The outlook for the ongoing business year confirmed the network operator: sales and adjusted operating income should be stable or slightly high at the previous year. "We have developed robust again in the third quarter", explained CEO Markus Haas. "Our core business proves to be very resistive in the midst of a macroeconomic recession. We are confident that in the full year we reach our goals to which we have already set out before the outbreak of the pandemic."

Again black numbers

For the first time since 2016, Telefonica Germany once again had a net profit of 390 million euros in the quarter, in the same period of the previous year, was a loss of 24 million. While the current net profit is due to the sale of antenna locations to the Group Nursing Telxius, the losses of the past quarters of depreciation on expensive frequencies and the merger with E-Plus are determined. Telefonica expects these negative effects to expire at the end of the year.

In the past three months, Telefonica Germany was able to see the information 308.000 contract customers, which are particularly interested in O2 tariffs. In addition, the emigration rate was at a historically low level of an average of 1.4 percent per month. This development is, among other things, to a continuing improvement in customer satisfaction, for the network quality and the service, share the company with. For prepaid cards, the provider could be around 208.Add 000 connections. Overall, Telefonica Germany lists 44 million mobile radio connections, of which 42.7 million people were used.

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