Strategy game: “civilization 6” is free in the epic games store

Strategy game: 'civilization 6' is free in the epic games store'civilization 6' ist kostenlos im epic games store'civilization 6' ist kostenlos im epic games store

With "Civilization 6" Epic Games again gives a highly careful game to users of his games stores. The strategy game of Firaxis can run users of the Epic Games Stores to 28. Secure. If you activate the game within this deadline, stays "CIV 6" then in the library and can still be played. For the activation you need an account with EPIC Games and must have activated the two-factor authentication.

Trailer too "Civilization 6" (Source: Fireaxis, 2K Games)

The iconic "Civilization"-Series enthusiastically strategican since 1991, the youngest offshoot "Civilization 6" Shoot 2016. Meanwhile stand for "CIV 6" Several expansion packages that are not included in the free offer of Epic Games. They must be purchased separately on request.

New expansion pass for "CIV 6"

Nevertheless, the free catch of "CIV 6" A strong offer: At EPIC competitor Steam, the main game still costs the full price of 60 euros, at Amazon you get the PC catch for about 20 euros. Only the developers of "CIV 6" Confirmed a new expansion pass, whose contents are distributed in the coming months.

The first package that includes Maya and Colombia appeared on 21. May – point to the free release in the Epic Games Store So. Developer Fireaxe was allowed to hope that the new players in the EPIC Games Store will also spend money on extensions in the long term. For developers, free deals are a chance to achieve new target groups. How much money Epic Games pays additionally is not known.

Only last week Epic Games had offered one of the most famous games at all for free: users of the Epic Games Store could become the Open World Game "GTA 5" secure for free. "GTA V" Although it was already sold above 110 million times, but in the Epic Games Store, however, was so popular that the servers in the meantime.

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