“Soul”: upperth pixar movie appears directly on disney+

Disney’s Upper Pixar Film appears directly on Disney+. In the cinemas comes "soul" Only in Marks, where Disney’s streaming service is not offered. The publication of the new Pixar movie is for the 25. December planned.

In contrast to "Mulan" will "soul" directly at no extra charge at Disney +. All subscribers can "soul" Directly at no extra at Disney + – so from the beginning – stream, without having to make additional payments. The film is about a music teacher who finds itself in a soul world. Jamie Foxx and Tina Fey belong to the speakers.

Trailer: "soul" [English] (Source: Pixar / Disney)

Cinema and Corona

In the realverfilming of "Mulan" Disney went another way: To see the movie, users must pay 22 euros next to the Disney + subscription. Only from the 4. December goes "Mulan" In the Regular Disney + subscription over.

With this strategy, Disney tries to compensate for a while to compensate for the Cinema-based Corona Pandemic. Next to "Mulan" and "soul" Also appeared "Artemis Fowl" Directly on Disney+. Other companies such as NBCuniversal and Warner Bros. originally presented to the cinema imagined movies directly on streaming services.

For Disney, this strategy has been worthwhile at least at the subscribers: Disney + has already subscribed to 60 million people. Such a value should have expected the Group only 2024.

Despite this milestone, the Group is deep in the red figures: In the three months to the end of June, Disney drove a loss of $ 4.7 billion (around 4 billion euros). In the previous year, Disney had a profit of 1.8 billion dollars.

The business with the streaming service was still deficitative despite the high number of users – that should also be due to free and losing services with which Disney wanted to win users quickly to start Disney +.

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