Sony: ps4 game “days gone” is ported for pc

Sony: ps4 game 'days gone' is ported for pc'days gone' wird fur pc portiert'days gone' wird fur pc portiert

Sony brings another of his PS exclusive title to the PC. The zombie action adventure should still be in the early year "Days Gone" For the calculator, the development studio Bend belonging to Sony now has now on Twitter.

"Days Gone" is compared to other PS4 exclusive games like "God of was", "The Last of US 2" and that already considered a PC version "Horizon Zero Dawn" Rather Standard Game Cost: On Metacritic, the Action Adventure a score of 71.

The porting is also a good news for all games fans, the "Days Gone" Not interested in: It continues the trend that more and more PlayStation exclusive titles are also ported for the computer – at least bespeally with some distance.

"Days Gone" and "Horizon: Zero Dawn"

Sony has this strategy last summer with the Open World game "Horizon: Zero Dawn" began. Already before "Death Stranding" published for the PC. "Death Stranding" was a PS4 exclusive game before, in contrast to "Horizon" and "Days Gone" However, not developed by a Sony studio.

"Horizon: Zero Dawn" started on the PC with technical problems, which have been improved over time. The younger user reviews on the PC platform Steam fall significantly more positively with 93 percent purchase recommendations as the user reviews for sales start.

In the envision of the porting of "Horizon: Zero Dawn" Sony manager Hermen Hulst still evaporated the expectations on additional PC versions of exclusive games. One should not expect that suddenly all PS exclusive games also appear on the PC, he wrote at that time.

With the portings of "Horizon Zero Dawn" and "Days Gone" If Sony wants to achieve a new audience, Sony boss Jim Ryan now said in conversation with GQ, also Konnen the porting help to intercept the rising development costs. Whether another PS exclusive matches follow for the PC remains open.

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