Smart home: apple integrates mesh network protocol thread

Smart home: apple integrates mesh network protocol thread

Apple HomeKit becomes mesh-fahig: With the HomePod Mini, the manufacturer will bring a first device with thread support this week with thread support. The small execution of the speaker is not only one "Home Hub", About the homeKit device in its own house can also be driven from on the way, it serves at the same time as "Border router" For thread – it binds the mesh network to the Augenwelt to automate, group and control the so crosslinked devices, and to control the SIRI voice command or home app.

HomeKit over thread at Eve and Nanoleaf

However, the HomePod Mini supports only threads that also speak the HomeKit protocol, as Apple previously announced. With Eve and Nanoleaf, first third-party manufacturers have placed compatible products.

Eve still wants to equip its window and turbocular sensors (EVE door Windows) in November by firmware update as well as the networked socket EVE ENERGY (EU execution) with thread support. For further devices, thread updates should follow, including the heating corperthermostate EVE Thermo. The updates will only give it forgerate from year of construction 2020, as Eve announced, only these have been the chipset needed for thread support.

The company Nanoleaf has requested new LED lamps (A19) as well as luminescent strips with thread support, a concrete date for the sales start is still out. As well as the EVE sensors sparks Nanoleafs accessories also over Bluetooth.

Mesh network for better smart home

Homekit uber thread promises, typical problems with crosslinked homeache: The mesh network should make several hubs and / or Bluetooth extender overflow, because the gates communicate directly with each other. Thread also promises faster reaction times and a high reliability.

The HomePod Mini is currently the only possibility to use thread with homeKit hardware. Whether Apple Thread Support also when "gross" Homepod or existing home hubs like Apple TV by software is reduced or only supported with new residual regions, remains open for the time being.

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