Security companies f-secure wants “state trojan” switch off

Security companies f-secure wants 'state trojan' switch off'staatstrojaner' ausschalten'staatstrojaner' ausschalten

The Finnish security specialist F-Secure will actively search with its anti-malicious program software according to the German State Rojan and disable it. "We are not obliged to cooperate with the state and therefore do not do that", said F-Secure Manager Rudiger Trost. Thus, F-Secure has crossed the plans of the Federal Government, to put the intelligence of the intelligence, communice communication via WhatsApp and other captive messenger services.

"State tripojan does not receive a free ticket from us"

"State tripojan does not receive a free ticket from us", Said Trost on Saturday of the German Press Agency. Every Trojan is a malware from the point of view of his company, which applies it to evaporate. "Therefore, we turn it off if we discover you. We are not obliged to cooperate with the state and therefore do not do that."

The Federal Cabinet had decided on Wednesday that the preamger protection, the Federal Court of First Instance and the MaLTarical Shielding Service (MAD) Treaty not only ongoing talks via Messenger should be monitored, but also messages sent by Messenger. An appropriate legislation on the so-called source TKU must still be adopted by the Bundestag.

Smartphone – more than a communication device

Turft said the secret services were first trying to exploit security in the advice and programs. In addition, government agencies were likely to approach individual providers of these devices and operating systems and require the programming of backtime. The services were focused on the mobile platforms.

Here, however, not only the communication with WhatsApp or another messenger was affected, stressed comfort. "The smartphone is now also a fine with services such as Apple Pay or Google Pay or Google Pay and allow the tracking of payments." In addition, the smartphone for some users by features like CarKey also a car meter, on which the Trojan in doubt also have access.

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