Report: magnetic battery pack for the iphone 12 comes

Report: magnetic battery pack for the iphone 12 comes

Apple is planning to expand the Magsafe charging system to expand a battery pack. The accessory can be magnetically attached to the iPhone 12 and charged this inductive to make a long-way battery life on the go, such as the Financial News Agency Bloomberg Calling on informed persons.

Magnetic battery pack, but no hull

Similar to the Smart Battery Case for Alter iphone model series, prototypes of the Magsafe battery are also putting on a feminet, rubberized coating, writes Bloomberg. In contrast to the loading case, Apple’s new additional battery is not a real hull, he should obviously sitting like the credit card holder just magnetically on the back side. When using a Magsafe compatible Hulle, the battery pack was probably also allowed to attach piggyback.

For internal tests, the magnet system had proven to be powerful enough to keep the load accessory in the right position, it is called in the report. Apple fights but still with software problems, the iPhone shows, for example, mistakenly that the extra battery is superabeated. Also the change between an iPhone with and without hull drove still to problems.

Notes on "Battery Pack" In iOS beta

In the first beta of iOS 14.5 There was a hidden indication of one "Battery Pack", which the iPhone should keep in optimized loading mode on a boost level of around 90 percent. The reference has now been removed from the code. iOS 14.5 was expected to appear in Marz. However, the software problems could also lead to Apple further depriving or giving up the importation of the Magsafe battery pack Bloomberg at. Apple also advocate other in-house Magsafe accessories such as a car mount, but have not yet made a decision on production. Third-party manufacturers already offer such hardware.

An inductive loading of accessories such as airpods on the iPhone backpound have considered Apple, but so far not implemented – such a functionality "In the near future unlikely".

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