Qnap-nas with chinese cpu also in germany

Qnap-nas with chinese cpu also in germany

QNAP has introduced the NAS system TVS-675 with six hard disk doves without coarse tamtam and two multigigabite Ethernet connections (nBase-t to 2.5 GBit / s). The special feature: The network storage uses no X86 processors from AMD or Intel and not the frequently used Arm-Quadcore CPU AL-314/324 from Annapurna Labs. Instead, the KX-U6580 of the Chinese manufacturer Zhaoxin is located inside the KAIXIAN KX-U6580.

Although the processor has eight x86 computing with a clock frequency of 2.5 GHz, but the cores have a low computing power per stroke. The chip post-ready TSMC produces the processor with 16 nanometer structures. Zhaoxin may design the CPUs with a license of the partner company via for the X86 command set. Actually, the Kaixian series is intended for the Chinese market to make themselves independent of western companies, which is why no corresponding terminates have appeared in Europe so far.

Qnap-nas with chinese cpu also in germany

Connection side sets the TVS-675 two 2,5-Gbit / s Ethernet, three times USB and HDMI 2.0 ready. Three 82 mm air to take the fresh air supply.

The PC manufacturer HP has already set up the complete system 268 per G1 with the high clocked eight-core Kaixian KX-U6780A (3.0 instead of 2.5 GHz), but sells it out of China.

In German trade

All the more curious is Qnaps worldwide sales of TVS-675. German handlers already drove the system (from € 1147.34), but the delivery will start early in one month. The price has it with a good 1140 euros in itself and can hardly serve the manufacturer as a sales argument. Because from QNAP itself, comparable NAS systems with six hard disks, Multigigabit Ethernet and Processors of AMD, Intel or Annapurna Labs from almost 600 euros relevant. For the price of the TVS-675 you get at Synology and Asustor also network storage with 10 GBit / S-Ethernet (optionally as 10GBase-T or SFP + slot).

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