Programming language: the python-3.5-arm is off

Programming language: the python-3.5-arm is off

The Python insider blog has the end of the support of Python 3.5 reported. Python developers should switch to the youngest version possible, which is currently in the stable variant 3.8 is. This was allowed to change very soon, as the Roadmap today’s 5. October as a release date of Python 3.9 provides for.

Python 3.5 was published for five years ago in September 2015 and, among other things, introduced the @operator for Matrix multiplications and a general unpacking syntax for container types. The planned support end was allowed to provide developers less problems than the final for Python 2.X at the turn of the year. Finally, the Python-3.X-Releases RuckwartsCompatible.

blue … no … yellow!

The recent release 3.8 In October 2019, brought Assignment Expressions and a C-API to configure initialization. Python 3.9 is in the beta phase since May and, among other things, has the possibility to connect two dictionaries to the Union operator and remove duplicate elements.

Originally the final 3.9-release for April 2021 provided, but at the end of 2019, Brett Cannon, his sign member of the Steering Council of Python, announced that the programming language from version 3.9 years instead of every 18 months should appear. The released under PEP 0596 (Python Enhancement Proposal) is still the 5. October as the date for the final variant.

And now something completely different

Parallel, the Python Software Foundation started the Python Developers Survey 2020. With the survey, which should take about ten minutes, she wanted to explore the perception and use of the programming language and the associated okosystem. It is about finding out trends and to get insights, which in turn were allowed to have an impact on the further development of language.

In 2019, according to the blog contribution, good 24 have.0000 Python users involved in 150 countries. The Foundation carries out the survey in cooperation with the tool manufacturer JetBrains. The organizers draw 100 winners from all participants who receive a Python surprise gift packet.

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