Pride: new armbander for the apple watch

Pride: new armbander for the apple watch

New Apple products at the beginning of the week: In addition to the envision of an improved Apple Music Streaming Service with free Lossless and 3D audio support, the iPhone Group has also launched new accessories on the market this week..

Fits the Idahobit Day

These concern the computer clock Apple Watch – more precisely: whose Armbander. Shortly before the official LGBTQ + -Pride month June, the Group announced two new Armbander for the SmartWatch, which "Support diversitat of the movement and celebrate" target. The Group regularly launches new variants on the market, which responds to the estimated rainbow design of the LGBTQ + flag. This year, the international day against Homo, Bi-, Inter- and Transphobia (Idahobit), which was committed on Monday, became an opportunity.

The new "Pride Edition"-Armbander are a seamless braided solo loop made of braided plastic for the price of 99 euros, in advance the rough elections, as well as a Nike sports loop also in plastic that comes first in rainbow colors with women’s base color. The latter can easily be adjusted in its coarse and costs 49 euros.

App clip leads to new numerals

Suitable for the new Armbals, Apple has also developed its own numerals. These will be with the next version of Watchos 7.5 come to the devices and can be picked up via so-called app clip codes on the watch. To do this, you have to record the code on the packaging of the Armbander only with his iPhone to access the corresponding setting menu in the Watch application.

Apple has a part of its sales with the stands traditionally to various LGBTQ + organizations, including Encircle, Equality North Carolina, Equality Texas, Gender Spectrum, Glsen, Human Rights Campaign, National Center for Transgender Equality, Plag National, Smyal, The Trevor Project in the USA and International to the Ilga World. Group boss Tim Cook, who is even gay, emphasized, Apple supports the "Running and not finished work to achieve equality for various and intersectional communities".

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