Petition: users want apple “charlie brown” carry

Petition: users want apple 'charlie brown' carry'charlie brown' entreiben'charlie brown' entreiben

Apple has to expect a unusual corner with counterwind: fans of the classic cartoon series "peanuts" from Charles M. School. Their rights has secured the iPhone producer exclusively for its streaming service TV + exclusively for its streaming service. Since then, the popular specials run with Charlie Brown, Snoopy Co. no longer in American television, as was the case for a good 50 years.

Almost 200.000 signator

A group of "peanuts"-Fans therefore has a petition on Change.Org placed and within 185 within a few days.000 signator found. They require Wildbrain Studios, the current rights owner, the characters back into linear television ("Broadcast TV") pick up. "We were shocked and topped that Apple has moved us the football." Concretely meant was the famous "peanuts"-Thanksgiving Special, this year only on Apple TV + can be seen. The service costs 5 euros a month.

The rough spa only at Apple

Apple has next Specials – some classic, some new – for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Halloween, Mother’s Day, Earth Day and New Year’s Day also the new one "Snoopy show" acquired by Wildbrain. "Snoopy in Space" is already available at Apple TV +. "It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown", The famous Thanksgiving Special, which has gross cultural importance in the US, is since 19. October for subscribers. After all, Apple plans, the show of 30. October to 1. To offer November for free.

Right poker at streaming services

Rights that are exclusively of streaming services are generally an annoying problem, especially with cult and repertoire offers. So changed about "Friends" For a lot of money in the US the provider. Users, if necessary, forced to delay several subscriptions just to reach all favorite shows. That an offer is completely deducted from the linear TV, as now with the "peanuts" The case was, can easily drove to negative reactions. Apple has not responded to the petition so far.

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