New imac allegedly with “giant screen”

New imac allegedly with 'giant screen''riesenbildschirm''riesenbildschirm'

While Mobile Macs and Mac Mini have already been rusted on ARM processors, Apple’s all-in-one flagship, the iMac, still has a corresponding update. Of course already seems that the group finally plans a new design. A well-known leader now reports that another display coarse is planned.

iMac becomes "really rough"

The Twitter account @ L0Vetodream, who laged in the past with Apple-friend felligable, claim the screen of the new iMac "Really rough, coarse than the biggest [previously]". Accordingly, Apple was able to go for the first time over the previous maximum diagonal of 27 inches. Apple’s Pro Display XDR, which is considered a possible design model for the new iMac, comes with 32 inches. Accordingly, it is conceivable that Apple is eligible for this format – or slightly below to get its professional screen for 5500 euros not too close.

iMac unmistakable since 2007

The IMAC has not changed its basic look quasi since 2007 – at that time the aluminum look for the all-in-one machine came on the market for the first time. This design was handled in 2009 with a unibody housing and then designed a little dunner from 2012. 2014 or 2015 then came a high explosive screen ("retina") Add (4k and 5k). In the meantime, Apple repeatedly delivered new processors and graphics chips and improved smaller functions.

Colorful and faster

The bracket believes, among other things, that Apple will reward the iMac again several colors. In addition, there should be a dunner screen rim including new Apple silicone chips – which are faster than the current generation M1. Up to 16 high-performance cores could have the machine, next to four so-called Efficiency Cors.

April or summer?

When Apple introduces the new computers, is unclear. Desktops gladly announces the company for WWDC in summer. This takes place from the 7. June 2021 once more virtually, what Apple was not allowed to stop a rough keynote in the form of a precerpicated video.

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