Microsoft surface duo comes to germany

Microsoft surface duo comes to germany

Microsoft celebrated a comeback on the smartphone market in 2020 with the Surface Duo, now the folding smartphone is also sold in Germany. At the beginning of 2021 the Surface Duo was to have, the company shared with.

Outstanding feature of the duo are the two 5.6-inch screens that work either separated from each other or together as a coarse display. Connected are both with a 360 degree hinge. Together they come to 8.1 inch Diagnolae and 2700 x 1800 pixels. The Surface Duo is powered by the somewhat elegant Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 and has 6 GB of RAM as well as a maximum of 256 GB of memory on board.

Microsoft relies on Android

Microsoft has saved with the radio standards, the camera and the battery. The Surface Duo does not support 5g, has only a single camera with 11 megapixel sensor and comes despite two screens only on a battery capacity of 3577 mAh. The duo is loaded via USB-C, not wirelessly via Qi standard. With 250 grams weight and closed just under a centimeter, the surface for a folding smartphone is quite dunn and easy. When operating system, Microsoft is open and relies on the Google platform Android, but with its own launcher. Many Microsoft services such as Outlook or the Mobile Office package are preinstalled.

The Surface Duo was not allowed to be snap. In the US, Microsoft started with an EIA of 1400 dollars. Although this price was now reduced by $ 200, the folding smartphone is still clearly moving clearly in the field of smartphone luxury class.

Falt smartphones are available in different types

Falt smartphones or foldables are offered by several manufacturers in different shapes, most with flexible displays that are kinked horizontally or vertically. In general, the sensitive folding display is inside and is supplemented by a smaller or coarse axle screen, for example at the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 or the Motorola RAZR. Only Huawei trusts with the Mate XS to lay the flexible screen to the. Microsoft’s approach with the Surface Duo concludes that of LG, but the second display with a special Hulle will only be flanged on request.

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