Market researchers: strong growth in mac selling

Market researchers: strong growth in mac selling

After jerking in 2019, the Mac is back on growth course. After drawing up market researchers, Apple has been able to show the strongest growth among the FUF-Alti PC manufacturers worldwide in 2020: The Mac Sells presented the figures of the market research firm IDC in the backward year by a good 29 percent, according to Gartner by 22.5 percent. Companies ame that Apple 2020 could sell around 22.5 to 23 million Macs and now has a market share of 7.6 or 8.2 percent.

Corona pandemic ensures PC demand

Overall, the PC market recorded the strongest growth of the past 10 years, mainly driven by the Corona Pandemic. Homeschooling and HomeOffice, especially at Apple, caused an increased demand as the Group communicated even last year – also iPads could benefit from it. Already from July to September 2020, Apple recorded a new record with a Mac sales of $ 9 billion with Intel Macs. Apple itself does not call stucco more now.

The manufacturer of the manufacturer after consultation of the market researchers, however, was then recorded in the example of the fourth quarter in which the first arm Macs were introduced: According to Gartner, the MAC sales took place at the end of the year compared to the same quarter of the previous year around 31 percent, the estimates of IDC According to even 49 percent.

Better keyboard, faster processor

After long years of continuous growth, the Mac Sells 2019 were slightly jerked, sales could easily increase Apple. Only at the end of 2019, the Group launched a coarse MacBook Pro with improved keyboard, in the early 2020, the cheaper and demanded models followed MacBook Air and 13" MacBook Pro with new keyboard. The butterfly keyboard of the process caused significant user complaints and collecting claims due to poor reliability via the years for significant users. In November, Apple MacBook Air, 13 rusted" MacBook Pro and Mac Mini then turned to the in-house M1 chip – and made a significant performance jump for a significant performance jump.

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