Ios and mac apps: data protection identification soon duty

Ios and mac apps: data protection identification soon duty

Apple implements the planned privacy mark for iPhone, iPad and Mac apps: from the 8. December the App Store leads detailed information about which user and device data an app raises and for what purpose the collection takes place. The information should be prepared in a lightly lack of form to make users quick overview before the download.

Data protection data from 8. December mandatory

Developers have to meet the information for themselves and convey to Apple. From the 8. December 2020 is the required for new apps and app updates, as Apple announced in a newsletter to App providers. If the information is missing, the apps or updates were not allowed to be approved for the App Store – for iPhones and iPads is the only way to distribute software. Already in the App Store receiving apps remain available without privacy marking for download, the Group notices.

The providers of apps must pay attention to the correctness and update of the information, as Apple already emphasized in advance. To what extent the data is checked, remains open for the time being. Developers have to build which data the app collects each and also capture data accesses by means of an embedded code of third parties – such as SDKS, analysis and advertising tools, such as the online advertising sizes Facebook and Google deploy.

Opt-in for Tracking follows early 2021

Apple wants developers to know, among other things, whether the name and address information of users can be recorded whether the apps want to access health, fitness and payment data or capture the whereabouts. Also interest "sensitive information" – such as sexual orientation, political settings or pregnancy information – must be disclosed. The inventive diagnostic data should also be noted.

At the beginning of 2021, an opt-in for advertising tracking in apps should be enforced, as Apple erupted again: For access to the unique advertising ID (IDFA) of the device, apps must first obtain the permission of the user.

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