Ios 15: no savings bank banking with public beta possible

Ios 15: no savings bank banking with public beta possible

Sparkassen customers should make an arc at iOS 15 for the time being: in the public beta version of the operating system provided by Apple, the Sparkassen app no longer works, it stems on iPhones and iPads according to the opening immediately, as readers report. Although a dodge on the browser is possible, but under circumstances no TANS can be obtained in order to carry out about transfers: also the Pushan app of the savings bank is not functional in iOS 15, either.

No error collection scheduled Public Beta planned

The fact that banking apps in beta versions of the operating system are not unusual: In the past year, about the comdirect app Mitsamtotan denied the service – but the mistake has been fixed. The savings bank is apparently planced no early bugfix, supporting beta versions "Not for safety reasons", it is called there. An update should only follow the official release of iOS 15 in autumn. Which safety concerns exist, remains unclear.

From function loss under iOS 15, only the Sparkassen app and the PushTan app are affected, which are developed by Star Financial. The app offered by the Sparkasse "S-ID check", The one from another developer is also under IOS 15. Star Financial shared demand only with pre-versions of operating systems were not supported, the apps should only be used with the final release. iOS 15 was allowed to appear in September, the Public Beta has been consulted since the end of June.

Downgrade on iOS 14 possible

Affected users remain the option to carry out a downgrade to iOS 14 and re-establish the Pushtan app there or reschold for banking and TAN reference to other devices and procedures such as chipTAN.

Apple’s Public Beta is aimed at end customers, for developers there is a separate release channel with previous versions. Apple recommends that beta do not install on the main apparatus, but only a few users were allowed to hold on to the Council. Apple’s operating system betas are usually installed by several million iPhone owners.

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