Imac supposedly received a new design soon

Imac supposedly received a new design soon

New iMacs are allegedly before the door: To the developer conference WWDC, Apple will show a report a new housing design for the all-in-one models, which is based on the design language of the current iPad Pro, as well as a dunner screen border, ashesic the Pro Display xdr.

iMac design a decade old

An update of the iMac series is quite fally, it was last updated in Marz 2019 with more powerful components. The iMac design has now been unnecessary for eight years, the front view has already renewed Apple no longer renewed for a decade – it acts obsolete.

The new IMACS seems to be right for fast SSDs for the first time: Apple will be from the new models that "Fusion Drive" throw out as the leader Sonny Dickson writes. The Fusion Drive – a combination of small SSD and coarse, but slow hard drive – is currently in many iMac models the standard drive, even in the 5K-iMac for 2600 euros. A pure SSD is only available for an extra charge, same-handed upgrading is not intended and can only be carried out with newer models with significant effort (see also SSD in the iMac re-redeemed). In addition, Apple will bring its safety chip T2 into the iMacs, which at the same time serves as a SSD controller.

In entry-level models of cheaper 21.5" iMac installed Apple to today magnetic hard drives, which turn with only 5400 rpm, which sometimes was allowed to frustrate some builders quickly. Whether these are replaced by SSDs, remains open for the time being.

Speculation about new iMac screen groove

According to the report, Apple also sets the new iMACs on graphics cards from AMDs 2019 Feeded Navi Generation, details of the processors have not yet been known. It is appreciated that Apple’s processor variants from Intel’s 10. Generation for desktop equipment ("Comet Lake") for the new iMacs elements. In advance, there were speculations about a new iMac entry-level model with 23"-Display. For 11 years, Apple has been using the iMac only with 21.5"- or 27"-Screen on.

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