Hydrogen train in the sudwest drive in control mode

Hydrogen train in the sudwest drive in control mode

The first hydrogen train, which is traveling in the Sudwest in regular operation, has successfully completed its premiere ride on Monday on the Zollernalbbahnen. Transport Minister Winfried Hermann officially described the premiere ride of the Coradia Ilint of Alstom Hydrogen Add to basket "Modern answer to diesel locomotives". That the tracks that only outbreak water vapor, without exhaust gases and quieter "a plus for the residents".

According to the network operator, the national Sudwestdeutsche Landesververt-AG, is expected to be roadmabig to the routes between Sigmaringen, Hechingen and Eyach on the way at the end of February. The Ministry of Transport is hoping for insights over the everyday use of towards hydrogen propulsion.

Series production runs

Whether the Ilint could also be used permanently on the tarn albumways, should be decided after the trial operation. An external expert is intended to accompany the project, won it in a message. Possible applications are distances on which the construction of a harmonization is not economical and for which one electrification is provided, but has not yet been implemented.

The emission-free train Coradia Ilint of Alstom

Hydrogen train in the sudwest drive in control mode

The Coradia Ilint should not only give no toxic exhaust gases, but also be quieter than others.

Lower Saxony had decided in the early 2020 to renounce the purchase of new diesel. For routes without electric harmonic, the use of turning with hydrogen or battery technology is curved, strolled it. There, the first hydrogen train had also completed his first test ride in Marz 2017 by Alstom. From September 2018 to the end of February 2020, two Coradia Ilint put more than 180.000 kilometers in regular passenger operation Back. Currently the series production of the course, from 2022 they should come to the German rails according to Alstom.

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