Heavy networking makes nrw to create

Heavy networking makes nrw to create

A serious disruption in the network of North Rhine-Westfalische State Administration has influenced the work of Others on Tuesday. According to a speaker, 30 institutions were affected in the ministry of Justice in the Ministry of Justice alone, including the prosecutor Duisburg.

A spokeswoman in Duisburg said that you do not drive on files KONNE. Also no mail shipping possible. The phone works but. According to the state company information and technology, the so-called Landesverwaltwaltungsnetz (LVN) has been since Monday evening "significantly". "Carried is a coarse storage at central nodes of Telekom", reported it.NRW in Dusseldorf. "There are several procedures in the state administrative network as well as the procedure of teleworking of the state officents affected", struck it.

Troubleshooting still in progress

With the LVN it is according to IT.NRW for one "Connection of all authorities and facilities", The technical basis for the digitization of the administration in NRW. It.NRW work together with the Telekom at the solution of the problem. "A total analysis, which procedures and nationals are exactly affected, is currently not available", explained a spokeswoman. Even a temporal prognosis, when the disruption will be resolved, is not possible yet, "Because the troubleshooting of Telekom is maplievable". A Telekom spokesman had this in the afternoon. "A coarse error in the network of Telekom is not available according to the current state of knowledge", he explained. The cause of the disruption will be by Telekom and IT technicians.NRW analyzed together. "Telekom and IT.NRW work together intensively to resolve the problem", he stressed.

The disruption was also the transmission of current Corona fall figures by the health markets to the state center Health NRW. This could subsequently forward incomplete data to the Robert Koch Institut. Also at IT.NRW itself did not go around. Although there is no total failure, but problems with video conferencing and telephony, said a spokeswoman.

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