Gruner hydrogen: siemens energy, hh2e and uniper planning “future”

Gruner hydrogen: siemens energy, hh2e and uniper planning 'future''zukunftskraftwerk''zukunftskraftwerk'

Siemens Energy, HH2E and Unipers want to generate grunen hydrogen in Hamburg-Moorburg and provide process and long-distance heat. Hierfur are planning the three companies "Future" with the main components high temperature storage, electrolyzer and one "Innovative gas turbine". In addition, they want to build a hydrogen trading platform.

"Gruner hydrogen" means the gas is obtained by means of renewable energy by electrolysis of water, in this project wind stream is called. Perspectively, it may be possible to make the hydrogen demand of the Hamburg energy-intensive industry completely free of emission, it is called in a message of the three companies . Part of the stored energy is to be delivered as a process steam to the Hamburg industry. In addition, Gruner hydrogen should be converted into climate-friendly electricity and green forthin times using a possible NOx-poor, highly efficient gas turbine.

The planned hydrogen trading platform will become the international marketplace for physical and balance sheet trade in hydrogen. Also conceivable is the trade in other energy carriers obtained from grunous hydrogen such as ammonia, methanol or synthetic combustion and fuels.

Not competitive, but complementar

At the location of the previous coal power plant in Hamburg-Moorburg, Shell and Vattenfall are also planning to record the production of hydrogen in coarse style. This project is not in competition at the Siemens Energy and Partners, but rather complementary, as a spokesman of Siemens Energy explained opposite our site.

Siemens Energy is always open to cooperation and close cooperation. The area in Hamburg-Moorburg, where there is still a coal power plant today, be roughly and powerful enough, for example, for several gross electrolysis systems. Also, local demand for climate-neutral hydrogen in Hamburg and the region will rise in the coming years and decades; This demand should be covered.

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