Gates foundation buy powerful apple shares

Gates foundation buy powerful apple shares

The Foundation of Microsoft-Grunder Bill Gates and his wife Melinda has built a participation in Apple in the first quarter of 2020. The Financial Administration of the Bill Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF), which operates independently of the Foundation, bought according to documents to the American Borsenaufeich u.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) went a total of 501 in the three months.044 shares of the iPhone manufacturer.

Share of 160 million US dollars

At the current share price, the position of the BMGF is not fully worth 160 million US dollars. Apple’s entire market capitalization was 1.37 trillion dollars on Tuesday evening. The Foundation, which is mainly awesome about health ies, could have already crashed paper gains depending on the number of purchase. Currently, the Apple share reorientes its all-time high from February after being stunted due to the Corona crisis.

The Gates Foundation is intended to be the largest private foundation in the world and has an investment migration in a high level of $ 40 billion. Gates and his wife emphasize, "impatient optimists" to be whose goal is to reduce global inequality. The BMGF currently participates in the fight against the coronavirus.

Bill Gates and the Apple shares

In addition to Apple, the BMGF also invested in Amazon and Twitter (each with smaller positions than Apple), but also in the Chinese e-commerce giants Alibaba (552.383 shares). The surrendered share built the Foundation in the first quarter of the Computational Chemistry Specialist Schrodinger, which develops software for health care. Here almost 7 million share certificates were bought.

An enterprise of Bill Gates and Apple do not meet for the first time at the Borse. In 1997, Microsoft had acquired Apple shares worth $ 150 million in 1997 and thus helped stabilize the Mac producer who was in a heavy crisis. The Share Package was sold with profit by 2003 – Microsoft had held the share, but were significantly more earned more money.

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