First cloud application certified for the implementation of the cash register regulation

First cloud application certified for the implementation of the cash register regulation

The fiscal cloud for the implementation of the cashguard regulation (KassensichV) jointly developed by the German Fiscal and the Federal Prere Daughters D-Trust has the first cloud application received the certification of the Federal Office for Safety in Information Technology (BSI). As a so-called technical safety device (TSE), it is intended to maintain the manipulation safety of transactions in cash register systems.

Background is the core requirement of this Legal Ordinance, which will provide Handler its cash register systems with such a certified technical security facility. The Regulation also requires how to look for a TSE, accurate specifications provides the technical directive TR-03153 of the BSI: It consists of a security module that logs at the beginning of the recording operation, so that it can not be changed in retrospect.

Another component is a storage medium where the individual records are stored for the duration of the statutory retention period. And finally belongs a uniform digital interface, which ensures a simple data transfer for conveying purposes.

Each transaction tamper-proof recorded

To avoid tax fraud by manipulated cash register systems, these TSES should log each transaction, electronically sign and transfer them to the financial workers via an interface. For the regulation, which as further mailling since the beginning of this year requires a boning obligation, was available until 30. September 2020 a non-treatment requirement. This has now expired and all affected cash systems must be equipped with a TSE. Under certain conditions, however, another postponement is by the national exception is Bremen – until 31. Marz 2021 Possible.

An overview of the regulations gives the central association of German crafts (ZDH) on his website. Further details on the cash register regulation and the cloudy and hardware TSE products can be found on the websites of German Fiscal and D-Trust.

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