Epic boss: do not want “special deal” from apple

Epic boss: do not want 'special deal' from apple'special deal' von apple'special deal' von apple

The heavy conflict between Apple and Epic Games around App Store commissions was allowed to smolder a whole while. The possibility that Apple is the "Fortnite"-Producers admitted a special contract so that he returns to the iOS portfolio, Epic-Boss Tim Sweeney explicitly excluded on Twitter.

Billions against trillion company?

In a thread of Friday he wrote, in the dispute it does not go that one "Billionen dollar company with a trillion dollar company fighting money". According to Sweeney, the fight is not entailed in it that Epic has one "Special Deal" wool. "It’s about basic freedoms of all consumers and developers."

Interestingly, Apple had such "Special Deals" already owned in the past. This is known by Amazon’s Prime Video Service. Apple himself emphasizes, in contrast, that all Developers are the same in the App Store. Apple "a set of rules for all, no special director, no special conditions, no special code, everything concerns all developers the same", explained App Store Boss Phil Schiller at the end of July.

Sweeney: "Terrible performance"

Epic-Boss Sweeney sees himself according to his tweets as a kind of freedom cheaper. It’s about the people who buy smartphones, "Install apps from sources of your choice" be allowed. At the same time, the app designers had to be allowed to distribute them as they want this. In addition, Sweeney demands "the freedom of both groups, managed directly managers". The central counter-argument is that smartphone manufacturers "do what you want". That’s one "terrible performance".

The dispute between Epic Games and Apple began in the last week when the game concerts allow for the first time to buy game foods in an app directly. Apple and also Google reacted with outward, Epic Games then with a lawsuit. Apple abuses his market power, it’s in it. The gates were "unfair", What customers are a pity.

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