Decorian crash of a tesla driver jerks “autopilot” in the view of the police

Decorian crash of a tesla driver jerks 'autopilot' in the view of the police'autopiloten' in den blick der polizei'autopiloten' in den blick der polizei

At night on the 5. Mai raced a Tesla driver on the Interstate 210 at Fontana in California with his model 3 in an escaped truck and died. The truck driver and a person who had just helped him were injured. For US media and official, the occasion was amed, the man has a driving assistance during his last Tour Teslas "Autopilot" Leave, because he had previously posted a few times videos on the Internet, in which he did not have his hands during the ride on the steering wheel.

The California traffic police was first amed that the "Autopilot" while the accident was turned on. Father took up the opinion and wrote to the statement, there was no final evidence that driving assistance could have been responsible for the accident. The traffic safety farming National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is now involved; This is the 29. Accident with a Tesla, around the author’s Kummert.

Member of the fan club

Teslas "Autopilot" allows the electric cars to automatically brake, accelerate and switch the track. The manufacturer emphasizes that the function does not make the car fully autonomous and requires a driver supervision. Among other things, the 35-year-old Tototete had published on the platform Tiktok videos, in which he had hilarious over the driving assistance, it is called in media reports. In a video on Instagram, the driver – member of a Tesla fan club – showed how he is without his hands on the handlebar and fruze on the pedal ride.

A deadly traffic accident, where a Tesla car and its driving assistance system has been involved, recently occurred in April of this year in Texas. In the accident no one should have been on the driver’s seat. The accident could be considered as a further indication that the name "Autopilot" in the misrepresentation – to the interpretation of the Tesla chef Elon Musk, who says no one was amed due to the name that the car drives itself.

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